Fabian Barracks – Jamaica

Fabian Barracks is a writer, director and founder of Barracks Entertainment, a theatre company established ten years ago that empowers youth through the arts. He has done 10 commercial productions, some of the most recent being: Wah Sweet Nanny Goat, Black Sheep and Ananda Alert. Fabian is extremely passionate about youth development and focuses on producing plays that explores some critical themes affecting young people. Barracks has established The Barracks Theatre, earlier this year which serves as a youth hub for theatre arts. His recent achievements include: winning Actor Boy Award 2018 for Best Comedy for Black Sheep and Youth View Awards for Favourite Local Theatre Play in 2017 for Wah Sweet Nanny Goat. Alum of the University of the West Indies – ECEM Programme, Barracks continues to stay through to his vision of bringing out the best in youth through the arts and nurturing young talents through quality theatre.