Fresh Milk is a place for visual artists, writers,
thinkers & makers

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Fresh Milk supports excellence in the visual arts through residencies and programmes that provide Caribbean artists with opportunities for development and foster a thriving art community


To nurture, empower and connect Caribbean artists, raise regional awareness about contemporary arts and provide global opportunities for growth, excellence and success

Tag-line: Critical. Creative. Fresh.

The Fresh Milk Studio. Photo credit: Charles Phillips of Monochrome Media

The Fresh Milk Studio. Photo credit: Charles Phillips of Imagin Inc.

The idea for Fresh Milk developed over years of conversations around the need for artistic engagement among artists in Barbados, to strengthen regional and diasporic links and shape new relationships globally. The platform was established in 2011 as a social practice experiment to counter the nearly 100% attrition rate of BFA students at Barbados Community College, the only institution on the island offering a BFA program.

Fresh Milk is  located on a working dairy farm; however, the name is also derived from the act of women turning their blood into milk to nurture their young. Given the traumatic history of the Caribbean, the region is not always associated with the idea of nurturing. By offering a safe space for people to innovate, gather, and create, Fresh Milk engages in an act of resistance, moving against a traumatic history as a platform of excellence and diversity. Operating out of a former seventeenth-century sugar plantation, Fresh Milk aims to shift the kind of activity that happens in this historically loaded site by fostering an open, critical environment.

Fresh Milk spans creative disciplines, generations, and linguistic territories in the Caribbean by functioning as a “cultural lab,” thriving as a dynamic space for artists through local, regional, and international programming including residencies, lectures, screenings, workshops, projects, etc. We aspire to be a sustainable organization contributing to a healthy cultural ecosystem.


Contact information: freshmilkbarbados@gmail.com

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Directions to FRESH MILK:

FRESH MILK is located on a wooden deck at the Milking Parlour Studio in St. George, Barbados.


Written directions:

Directions to Fresh Milk from St. George Parish Church:

– After the church, make the right turn around the large pasture and follow the road, continuing past St. George Primary School which will be on your right

– After the school, you will come to a fork in the road. Take the left at this fork by the billboard that says ‘The Fresh Milk ArtBoard’
– Continue up this road until the first left turn you come to, which will take you into Walkers Dairy
– On entering the yard, drive past the house on the right and head towards the large tree in the middle of the yard on your left. Park on the grass under the tree
– Fresh Milk is down the driveway to your left, following the footpath around the back of the house


If traveling by public transportation, take a Greens, Ellerton or Drax Hall bus, which will take you to the nearest bus stop by St. George’s Primary School. When you get off, walk up the road until you see our FRESH MILK ARTBOARD and take the left turn there. Follow this road until you see the ‘Walkers Dairy’ sign, then follow the directions listed above.

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Follow us on Twitter: @FreshMilkBdos
Follow us on Instagram: @freshmilkbarbados


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