Reading Room

Fresh Milk has established the COLLEEN LEWIS READING ROOM  as a space where people can read, think, discuss, contemplate and write critically

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About the Colleen Lewis Reading Room Collection

Colleen Heather Lewis (nee Shaw) was born on July 12th 1962 in Canada. She died in Barbados on September 6th 2006.  Many of the books in this reading room have come from Colleen’s own collection of books which she acquired while doing an art history degree in Toronto and her Masters in Cultural Studies at Cave Hill, reflecting her interest in and love for the arts. The Colleen Lewis Reading Room collection has been established in her name to keep her memory alive and reflects the generosity of her spirit. The collection is freely available by appointment at FRESH MILK which is located at the Milking Parlour Studio, Walkers Dairy in St. George, Barbados.

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FRESH MILK welcomes your involvement at the reading room in several ways:

(i)   Visit our new interactive online space for the CLRR, Fresh Milk Books for regular updates and new reviews from the collection every week for Critical. Creative. Fresh. content.

(ii)  If you are moving to a smaller home or migrating you may consider donating your library to the Reading Room. Because we are a small space, we have to be selective about donations.

(iii)  If you want to make a temporary or long-term loan, FRESH MILK can be the home for your collection.

(iv) You might want to give a subscription to a book, art magazine or academic journal in Colleen’s name.

(v) You may wish to donate your time by volunteering at the reading room. This may include archiving new acquisitions and general administrative support.

(vi)  Maybe you might want to write a review of one of the books to generate interest in the collection and stimulate discussion.

(vii) How about creating a reading club and organising a reading session?

(viii) Or you might want to create a group on

(ix) Maybe you have another idea. Send us an email with your suggestion to

4 thoughts on “Reading Room

  1. Gael Gilbert says:

    I knew Colleen when she first came to Toronto and over the years lost track of her, though she was never far from my heart. Please let me know how to donate books to the library from Canada in her memory. She as a truly wonderful woman. Gael Gilbert

  2. Stanley H. Griffin says:

    This is an excellent memorial to a beautiful human being. Colleen and I were classmates in the Cultural Studies Graduate Programme. We even had group meetings in her lovely home. Very generous and genuinely caring person. A lover of the arts and all things cultural. She would be pleased about this initiative…

  3. Gael Gilbert says:

    I am attempting to collect art books from the Waterloo Rotary Club members, and once I have enough, will ship them down. Colleen will forever be in my heart.

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