CATAPULT | A Caribbean Arts Grant

Kingston Creative, Fresh Milk and the American Friends of Jamaica | The AFJ introduce CATAPULT | A Caribbean Arts Grant – a group of six new initiatives supporting Caribbean Creatives.  These funding opportunities will increase the visibility of over 1,000 Caribbean-based artists, creatives and cultural practitioners to global audiences, provide much needed financial support, and develop the creative skills of our artists. Now more than ever in light of COVID-19, it is critical to think about artists having an online presence, valuing the work of Caribbean artists, and enabling their growth.

CATAPULT will target participants living and working across the Dutch, English, French, and Spanish regions. This four-month comprehensive arts programme includes online events, art writing and journalism sessions, technical training, residencies and virtual discursive salons.

CATAPULT is particularly interested in working with practitioners who are exploring the broad critical themes of  Culture, Human Rights, Gender, LGBTQIA+, and Climate Justice from Caribbean perspectives and especially welcomes applications from those who do not have permanent employment at this time.

CATAPULT will increase the capacity of Caribbean-based artists to navigate the digital space and learn new ways to connect with diverse global audiences.  It will also promote the visibility of selected cultural practitioners by expanding online content from the region, enabling the region’s artists to engage wider audiences while contributing to the potential of earning beyond their borders.

The collaboration supported the following projects : (i) Caribbean Artist Showcase, (ii) Caribbean Creative Online, (iii) Digital Creative Training, (iv) Consultancy Vouchers, (v) Lockdown Virtual Salon and (vi) Stay Home Artist Residency.

Taking into account the large number of outstanding submissions received from Caribbean artists, creatives and cultural practitioners from across the region, the CATAPULT Team was also thrilled to be able to offer additional support to 25 talented and promising applicants, in the form of Honourary Grants!


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About the Partners:

American Friends of Jamaica | The AFJ has a near 40 year history of funding charitable organizations in Jamaica in the fields of Education, Healthcare and Economic Development. A registered 501 c 3 nonprofit headquartered in New York City, AFJ relies on individual and corporate contributions made by donors who believe in our work and will advocate on our behalf. Part of the AFJ’s mission is to facilitate donor directed contributions which enables donors to support registered charitable organizations aligned with their own goals for philanthropy.

Kingston Creative is a registered non-profit organization founded in February 2017. Its mission is to enable creatives to succeed so that they can create economic and social value, gain access to global markets and have a positive impact on their community.


Fresh Milk is an organisation whose aim is to nurture, empower and connect Caribbean artists, raise regional awareness about contemporary arts and provide global opportunities for growth, excellence and success. Fresh Milk supports excellence in the visual arts through residencies and programmes that provide Caribbean artists with opportunities for development and foster a thriving art community.