“…[I met] some of the most beautiful and genuine people [at Fresh Milk]. I really appreciate the efforts made to connect me with other artists/scholars who shared similar areas of interest…[Highlights included] being surrounded by too many great books to read in three weeks!…”

drea brown

“…I have no doubt that my doctoral research has benefitted from the use of the impressive and extensive library, and I am very hopeful that the connections and friendships made during this residency will be long lasting…”

Kate Keohane

“…I am thankful for [the support of the Fresh Milk Team] and really admire the artistic community that they have created here. Hopefully, the wisdom that I gain from [the team], the other artists, and the spirits of this place will be reflected in the piece as I write…”

Letitia Pratt

“…I have come away feeling validated that there are brilliant, creative, smart and resilient artists with big hearts who share similar passions, interests and concerns as me. I am completely humbled by the openness and kindness I have encountered in Barbados and the willingness to share and engage in dialogue…”

Torika Bolatagici

“…As an individual, the logistics of producing work in another country are often very challenging, and I hugely appreciated the support, energy and commitment Fresh Milk gave during my residency, which enabled me to get the most out of the time away…”

Emma Critchley

“…I’d like thank Fresh Milk for such a life changing experience. This residency has helped me tap back into my creativity with confidence and playfulness. I have been so fortunate to meet some incredible creative thinkers…”

Sonia Farmer

“…I have had space for the first time in a while to just think, read, write and experiment with ideas…this meant the time could be both actively productive and reflective – whatever you might want or need it to be…”

Helen Cammock

“…I feel very grateful to have had this experience at Fresh Milk, and it is significant that I did my residency here, in Barbados. Being able to reconnect with my family, with Bajan culture and with the history of this place, and having had the conversations that I have had this month has shifted how I see my own particular cultural makeup.”

Nadijah Robinson

“…I’m fiercely missing Fresh Milk – its accommodating space, the talented people passing through, and the conversations that lit us up with laughter…There’s a special place [for Fresh Milk] in our hearts. Blessed.”

Saada Branker

“…Having such a wonderful studio to work in, without the usual daily distractions, has been refreshing and inspirational. Fresh Milk’s extensive library, full of contemporary Caribbean literature and art publications, has been an invaluable tool for informing my work here.”

Jordan Clarke

“…One week into our residency at Fresh Milk, and I already long for more time there. It’s such a gift to have access to the beautiful Fresh Milk studio and library.”

Kara Springer

“…I cannot thank Fresh Milk enough for allowing me this opportunity to travel through art and connect with so many artists and creatives. I felt completely supported and because they were willing to believe in my work and invest in me, I feel more confident in my work as well.”

damali abrams

“…The grounds surrounding Fresh Milk are a sensory feast…The platform continues to be a hub of activity and a place of networking and interchange.  We are finding our days are becoming more productive as we begin to feel at home here.”

Marla Botterill & Conan Masterson

“…This little nook in Barbados is offering me solitude that I have not embraced in a while…Here I’m finding balance, building connections with incredible artists, activists and critical thinkers in Barbados while also carving out space for myself.”

Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe

“…Just my first week in Fresh Milk was a humbling experience…being in the clean air of St. George, seeing the abundance of foliage, hearing birds, cows and the lyrics of Bob in my ear was the prescription I needed.”

Matthew ‘Kupakwashe’ Murrell

“…Fresh Milk created a critical space for the development of my work where I received feedback which was instrumental to my understanding of how performance art functions in the international arena.”

Shanika Grimes

“…Fresh Milk has facilitated numerous exhibitions, networking, and residency opportunities and helped develop me as an emerging professional artist. For that I am eternally grateful.”

Mark King

“…Fresh Milk acts as a kind of window and door to the rest of the Caribbean art scene. It reaches out to link with other art platforms around the region and tries to keep the artists here as informed as possible.”

Versia Harris

“…Fresh Milk has essentially become the main generator of contemporary arts activity in Barbados and is vital for the continued growth of art on the island.” 

Alicia Alleyne