CATAPULT | Digital Creative Training

Through September 2020 to November 2020, 24 free workshops were delivered to 980 Caribbean Creatives, taught by Caribbean experts in their fields. These training sessions taught in Dutch, English, French, and Spanish aimed to fill critical gaps in digital skills training, as well as foster the development of creatives, enhancing their ability to profit in the online space.

Through these online workshops, artists were  enabled to develop essential digital knowledge and business skills to better allow them to reach new audiences and markets that, as a result of COVID-19, must now be accessed through digital tools and platforms.

Courses included:

  1. Digital Marketing for Creatives – Dutch, English
  2. Ecommerce and Online Sales – English
  3. Project Management for Creatives – English, French, Spanish
  4. Protecting & Benefiting from your Intellectual Property – English
  5. Social Media Management for Creatives – Dutch, English, French, Spanish
  6. Managing Your Money – English

Recordings for the training can be found on the CATAPULT YouTube page.

Ecommerce & Online Sales: Facilitated by Leighton Campbell

Social Media Management for Creatives: Facilitated by Kadia Francis

Project Management for Creatives: Facilitated by Elize Rostant

Managing Your Money: Facilitated by Gary Messado

Digital Marketing for Creatives: Facilitated by Monique McIntosh

Protecting & Benefiting From Your Intellectual Property: Facilitated by Dr. Emma Perot

CATAPULT | A Caribbean Arts Grant is a COVID-19 relief programme conceptualised by Kingston Creative (Jamaica) and Fresh Milk (Barbados) and funded by the American Friends of Jamaica (USA). Designed as a capacity building initiative it will directly provide financial support to over 1,000 Caribbean artists, cultural practitioners and creative entrepreneurs impacted by the pandemic and working in the themes of culture, human rights, gender, LGBTQIA+ and climate justice.