Vonley W. Smith – Barbados

In this current age of film, standing out as a filmmaker is hard to do, but with his unique cinematic and editing skills and creative mind, Vonley Smith succeeds. From the early age of 14, Smith began producing AMVs (animation music videos). His work in the AMV circuit was recognized across the globe, generating thousands of YouTube views and subscribers. Smith continues to then establish his name in the film industry, studying for his Bachelors in Fine Arts majoring in film. His latent talent was forged, and what emerged was a filmmaker whose unique style of cinematography/editing/ directing made him a household name within his island Barbados. His expression in this art form has led him to become a recipient of the island’s highest local awards and winner of 48hr challenges, and few of his films showing at regional and international film festivals. Now known as V-uture, he embarks on a new journey developing his growing film style.