Kriston Banfield – Trinidad & Tobago

Born in 1992, Kriston Banfield is a self-taught visual artist who grew up in the Santa Cruz valley of the northern range of Trinidad and Tobago. His growing up amongst nature and a village with a strong belief for myth and mysticism heavily inspires his work, often focusing on themes of spirituality, community and self-introspection. He graduated from the University of the West Indies choosing to Major in tropical landscaping and minor in Social Development Policy and Planning. To date he has participated in the “De Mi Barrio a Tu Barrio” street art project (2011) and exhibited in the “2017 Ghetto Biennale” in Port au Prince, Haiti. Also, he has participated in a number of self organized/curated group exhibitions spanning the period 2014 to the most recent “A Shot to The Ego” exhibition in 2020.