Desrine Bryce – Jamaica

I am Desrine Bryce a small entrepreneur, who resides and operates in the community of Majesty Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica. I am a graduate of Excelsor Community College with a first degree in Hospital Management. I have been previously employed to the Ministry of National Security where I work as a Community Officer. As of June 2020 I became self Employed, where my business became my main source of income, and was no longer a side business. The business as been seeing development and potential to grow with consistency and proper management. The business consist of 2 parts, a service side and physical product offering. The service side is where I provide a salon service to my clients and the products are what I sell to them physically, such as satin Bonnets, scrunches, make up and other beauty supplies. I am a well rounded individual who believes that anything is possible once you put your mind to it and work smart to achieve your goals.

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