Michelle Carpenter – Jamaica

Michelle Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director – Precious Beginnings Precious Beginnings, an all-inclusive events management estate located in the tropical paradise of Jamaica, is owned and led by business savvy Creative Director, Michelle Carpenter. As a Business Educator, Michelle is convinced that she is assigned by God, her Master Teacher to commission youth entrepreneurs to unleash their gifts to create a sustainable world by providing innovative business solutions. As an Educators Celebration Coach, she is extremely passionate about helping time-strapped school leaders celebrate demotivated and overwhelmed educators in order to maximize teacher retention and create top-performing schools. Michelle is the proud recipient of Jamaica’s National Housing Trust Entrepreneurial Award, 2015 (Budding Category). Coupled with over twenty four years experience as a youth empowerment strategist and Business Educator , she is a seasoned florist and interior decorator with a keen eye for details, one inspired by elegance and originality. Regardless of the client’s tastes and preference, Michelle has the natural ability to create exquisite, customized floral designs and gift baskets with a unique flair to meet every need. As a Kingdompreneur, her lifetime mission is to empower others by modelling discipline, hard work and Christ-centered living. With God as her creative director, she is destined to make Precious Beginnings the world’s premier educators celebration destination.

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