FemCom TT – Trinidad & Tobago

FemCom TT is funny women. Period. The majority of stand-up comedy is inherently sexist, in the Caribbean and elsewhere. Men vastly outnumber women in the discipline, and the predominant model of stand-up comedy gets laughs at the expense of women, with rape, GBV and homophobia being frequent topics for comedians. To interrupt this and challenge the role of women in comedy, Trinidadian stand-up comedians Louris Martin-Lee Sing and Lisa Allen-Agostini formed a partnership to explore a different kind of humour, one that centres women in the praxis and respects women while pointing out the absurdity of traditional misogynistic comedic perspectives. We produce live comedy shows, perform comic sketches and stand-up comedy, and make comic videos. Since our start in 2019 we have emphasised collaboration, particularly with women, but also with the young men who comprise the majority of working stand-up comedians in TT. Our shows have integrated traditional TT comedy forms such as extempo, and we have used TT folklore characters in our stand-up. As women over 40, we deploy TT tropes like the “Tantie” to examine ageism and women. We have made a point of programming LGBTQIA content in our productions.

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