Latonya Dillon – Jamaica

With her appealing curves and equally tantalising dance moves, Latonya Style is undeniably one of Jamaica’s most renowned and distinguished Dance Instructors with more than two decades of experience in teaching all levels and all ages, in various dance genres. Latonya has an undeniable passion for Dancehall and is highly sought after as a Master tutor in this genre. She tours extensively across the globe, spreading the authentic dancehall culture in far away places such as Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. She has been a successful dancehall practitioner since 1999 when she started choreographing and touring with top dancehall Artistes and has performed at every major stage show across Jamaica and some overseas. Ms. Style is the founder and CEO of Dance Jamaica (DanceJA) a Talent/Entertainment Organisation, which portrays the culture of Jamaica and its vibrant people.