Lisa Léj – Jamaica

About Lisa Léj: B.F.A. – Founder – Philanthropic Visual Poetry –  Performance Artist  – Healer and Visionaire – Sustainable Vacation Art for Social Enterprising

Art is Healing. Art is a universal language that helps bring people together and I use art to find solutions to our social, environmental, and economic issues. This is my life and dream which I have been pursuing in various ways over the years. I was born knowing my path in this word, thanks to divinity for lighting the way through out my childhood dreams. I have been giving back to the community since I was 14 via various charity organizations and today as I write to you I am celebrating 13 years of service. Some times I think to myself, OMG I can’t believe it. One thing I can say is that we must be very conscious of the life we expose our children to and the things we practice because it becomes very hard to drop old habits. Hahaha!

I was always a very sensitive child growing up with extremely high sensitivity to the world around me including the emotions of others. I think sometimes that I feel their emotions more intensely then they actually do (if that makes sense). I am only happy if the person next to me is happy and of course I do experience the opposite if they are experiencing it. Let’s share happiness!

Empathy gives us insights into other’s lives enabling us to understand what they are going through in order to help them and I must say, boy-o-boy, do have quite a lot and I believe that this is the drive behind my work.

I am not the person to sit and talk about the same problem over and over forever because doing that hurts like needles poking me in the eye ball. I am one who will shut up and act towards developing a solution, even if I fail one hundred times, I will make it my destiny to succeed in creating the change that is necessary for a brighter tomorrow.

My dream is to see my country become sustainable and improve dramatically (in her society, ecology and economy) to the point where we can help other Caribbean and or developing countries, which is a responsibility for every country based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Life is not a destination it is a journey. Selah! Lisa Lej 2020