Gwladys Gambie – Martinique

Graduating from Campus Caraibéen des Arts of Martinique in 2014, Gwladys Gambie has shown  her artwork in collective and solo shows in Martinique, Cuba, Aruba, Miami and French Guiana.  Recently, she participated virtually in the 12th biennal of Mercosul in Brazil.

The main investigation of Gwladys Gambie’s practice is the condition and decolonial representation of  black women through drawing and sculpture. She is inspired by the Caribbean landscape, which informs her imaginary and adds an oniric dimension in her graphic writing.  Creole, a strong visual language, becomes a main element to create a specific iconography to  her work about the black female body. She addresses sexuality, race and gender in a  West Indian society where stereotypes and consequences of colonialism are still prevalent.