Alberta Whittle’s Residency Blog

Alberta Whittle has a new post up on her blog about how her residency at FRESH MILK has been progressing:

In the neighbourhood where I grew up, I always used to see shoes suspended from telephone wires. I was always drawn to these shoes and instinctively wanted to retrieve them and take them home with me. Mainly sneakers, but of varying hues, sizes, brands and stages of deterioration. They never seemed to truly age, but marked territory and memory for the community in some way. I don’t remember what I hoped to do with them, but there was value or symbolism these shoes were imbued with that called to me. When I mentioned them to my sister, she said shoes dangling from the wire signified that drugs were peddled in this area. Hence, these shoes adopted a different meaning for me and became an image of demarcation of space, as much as of gang culture.

Bronzing the shoes refers to their symbolism as a signifier of a specific rite of passage, where shoes are appropriated by members of a community to represent a commodity and a zone. I intend to situate these newly-bronzed shoes in a similar frame to create an urban shrine to the invented realities suggested by the fete posters. – Alberta Whittle

Follow her blog at, and remember to come out to FRESH MILK IX next week Thursday, November 29th at 7pm to see her performance and more!

Alberta Whittle Blogs about her Residency with FRESH MILK

Take a look at Alberta Whittle’s blog about her residency with FRESH MILK! Get some insight into her concepts so far, as she prepares for a performance at the upcoming event FRESH MILK IX on November 29th, 7pm.

‘Since I started the residency programme at Fresh Milk, I have been researching the relationships between hypermasculine, hyperfeminine and homoerotic imagery within Hip Hop/Dancehall culture, focusing on dress, body modification, costume and styling. Researching the emergence of new models of personhood, I want to investigate the complex signifiers for  contemporary sexuality.’ – Alberta Whittle

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FRESH MILK’s Current Artist in Residence: Alberta Whittle

FRESH MILK is pleased to introduce our current artist in residence, Alberta Whittle. She has been joining us at the Milking Parlour Studio from October 1st, participating in an eight to ten week residency titled ‘Second Armour.’

Alberta is a Barbadian artist, currently based in Glasgow. She has undertaken residencies at CESTA (Czech Republic), Market Gallery (Scotland), Collective Gallery (Scotland), Thupelo Wellington Artists’ Workshop (South Africa) and looks forward to taking part in a residency with the Visiting Artists’ Programme at The Bag Factory in Johannesburg next year.

She choreographs interactive installations, interventions and performances as site‐specific artworks in public and private spaces, including at the Royal Scottish Academy (Scotland) and has exhibited in various solo and group shows in Europe, the Caribbean and South Africa, with an upcoming show at the CAS Gallery, University of Cape Town in March 2013. Her practice is concerned with the construction of stereotypes of race, nationality and gender, considering the motivation behind the perpetuation and the different forms in which they are manifested.

Her time at FRESH MILK will include a series of performances, open forum discussions about anxieties surrounding race, workshops with the Fine Art students at BCC, and an exhibition/intervention stemming from her experiences and research done during her stay with us.

Alberta will be doing a performance piece titled ‘Hustle de Money – a Performance by Bertie aka Big Red aka General outta Glitter Zone’ at our next public event, FRESH MILK IX. Stay tuned for more information!