TVE 2021 – Virtual Community Roundtable!

The Fresh Milk Art Platform (Barbados) and TEOR/ética (Costa Rica) are partnering to screen a selection of film and video works – video art, new media and expanded cinema – made within the last 5 years by contemporary artists practicing in the Caribbean and Central America for the fourth edition of Transoceanic Visual Exchange (TVE), a series of programmes taking place online this year, with accompanying screenings in Barbados and Costa Rica.

While the foundation of TVE is the collection of recent artists’ film and video works submitted from each region, the final shape and content of the programme will be informed by an open conversation process, which aims to involve and promote discussion within the wider creative communities of each arts initiative.

We would like to invite those based in the Caribbean with an interest in regional video-based works to an online roundtable facilitated by Fresh Milk via Zoom, to discuss contemporary film and new media art in the Caribbean and share your thoughts about recent developments in the genres. This forum will be open to the public.

Join the discussion on Zoom next Wednesday, August 25th at 4:00 PM (AST) here!

Ahead of the roundtable, we are sharing a public survey about film and video art in the region, which will add to the discourse in our community session.

Click here to fill out the form and add your thoughts and voice to the conversation!

More on the programme and the first three editions can be found on the TVE website here.

St. Boniface New Murals

St. Boniface Mural project

Evan Avery, Versia Harris, Tristan Alleyne and Rhea Small

Fresh Milk recently completed its community outreach mural project at the St. Boniface Pre-School in Sion, Hill St. James. Thanks to Evan Avery for sharing his ‘miniis’ and also to Tristan Alleyne, Versia Harris and Rhea Small for working with us on this project.

The Principal, Mrs. Miller is doing a wonderful job stimulating the pre-schoolers in visual ways throughout the classrooms and we were happy to contribute to her vision.

Cherise Ward ‘My Time’ Residency – Puppet Building Workshop

PuppetWrkshp16For my community outreach for the residency, I decided to do a 3 hour Puppet Building Workshop with students from Workmans Primary. The students were from both Class 3 and Class 4.

As part of my preparation, I made a test puppet. I wanted it to be a simple hand puppet that I thought the students would be able to make themselves. I used fabric, felt and construction paper.

On the day of the workshop, I had the assistance of Fresh Milk volunteers Versia and Ronald, and they were a great help.

I started by teaching the students about 3 different types of puppets, and doing a brief demonstration of how they worked using puppets I have made. They took notes, and were interested in trying to operate the puppets themselves. Then we got started making their hand puppets.

The students cut out their templates for the glove part of the puppet, and traced them onto the fabric, and we helped them cut and glue the fabric. They drew the designs for their puppets, and then cut the shapes for the heads and hands, and decorated them using felt, paper, and crayons.

The workshop was really well received. The students were enthusiastic, and excited about the puppets, and we had a great time. Thanks to Versia and Ronald for their help as well as Annalee and the teachers at Workmans Primary.

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