Artist Talk with Anna Christina Lorenzen and Alberta Whittle

On Saturday December 15th at 5:00pm, our two artists in residence Anna Christina Lorenzen and Alberta Whittle will be giving an artist talk at FRESH MILK. The presentation will consist of three segments:

Jeans vs Leggings

Alberta Whittle – Presentation on her most recent work at Fresh Milk

Alberta Whittle is a Barbadian artist who returned home to take up a residency at Fresh Milk. Whittle’s work has undertaken some shifts to concentrate with greater intensity her research on hypersexuality in the Barbadian context. Focusing on the fete posters imagery of aspirational life styles and of men and women, she is interested in how these posters become a form of self-portraiture.

Anna Christina Lorenzen

Anna Christina Lorenzen  – Presentation on her practice and her participation in the artist-initiated Norwegian art scene

Anna Christina Lorenzen is a visual artist from Norway/Germany, who was a founding member of the studio collective, Bergen Atelier Gruppe (BAG). Through the historically and culturally universal medium of drawing, Lorenzen explores the seemingly never-ending cycle of visual representation of the body and the physical representation of the visual image of the body.

Dutch Blue, 2012 - A collaborative work in progress by Anna Christina Lorenzen and Alberta Whittle


Lorenzen and Whittle met in Cape Town earlier this year during a residency program at Greatmore Studios. They uncovered many parallels and meeting points in their individual practices. Whilst in South Africa, they began collaborating in generating perfomative situations and documenting these actions through photographic stills and video footage. Discovering commonalities in their creative processes and concepts, they are developing a collaborative body of work at Fresh Milk.


The talk is free of cost, all are welcome!


FRESH MILK IX Photographs

On Thursday November 29th 2012, FRESH MILK IX was held at the Milking Parlour Studio, and it was truly an inspiring event.

The night began with a performance by our artist in residence Alberta Whittle, who showcased ‘Hustle de Money – a Performance by Bertie aka Big Red aka General outta Glitter Zone.’ The interactive performance and accompanying installation explored identity as defined primarily through gender and sexuality. Thank you for a great performance, Alberta!

Following this, the visiting team from the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) gave a presentation. David Bade, Tirzo Martha and Erik Habets introduced the organization, and students Dominic Schmetz, Kristel Rigaud and Rashid Pieter shared their own practices.

Running all night, we also had the FRESH Exhibition and art sale, featuring work from Alicia Alleyne, Evan Avery, Tracey Chan, Shanika Grimes, Versia Harris, Katherine Kennedy and Rodell Warner.

The exhibition and sale is still up, remember to email to book an appointment to view and purchase some work. Support the local arts community this Christmas!

All Photographs © Dondré Trotman.

IBB Workshops at BCC with Tirzo Martha and Erik Habets

Last Tuesday November 27th, members of the visiting team from the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) led a series of workshops with the Art Associate Degree students at the Barbados Community College (BCC) as part of Fresh Milk’s collaborative programme with them. The students were very enthusiastic and engaged fully with the team – take a look at some of the results from the sessions with Tirzo Martha and Erik Habets!

Alberta Whittle Blogs about her Residency with FRESH MILK

Take a look at Alberta Whittle’s blog about her residency with FRESH MILK! Get some insight into her concepts so far, as she prepares for a performance at the upcoming event FRESH MILK IX on November 29th, 7pm.

‘Since I started the residency programme at Fresh Milk, I have been researching the relationships between hypermasculine, hyperfeminine and homoerotic imagery within Hip Hop/Dancehall culture, focusing on dress, body modification, costume and styling. Researching the emergence of new models of personhood, I want to investigate the complex signifiers for  contemporary sexuality.’ – Alberta Whittle

Follow her blog at