Pictures from FRESH MILK VIII in collaboration with the Alliance Française de Bridgetown

Fresh Milk is delighted to share photographs with you all from FRESH MILK VIII, which was held in collaboration with the Alliance Française de Bridgetown. The evening began with a powerful spoken word performance by Adrian Green, followed by the heart wrenching and thought provoking documentary by Iara Lee, Cultures of Resistance. The reactions to the film by panelists France Langlois, Tatiana Flores and Adrian Green, not to mention the impassioned contributions from the audience, are testimony to the impact felt by all who attended.

All Photographs © Dondré Trotman

Fresh Milk: A Platform for Conversation and Artistic Engagement

This venture is connected in spirit to the increasingly rich informal artist-led networks spawning from the Bahamas in the North to Suriname in the Southern Caribbean.  The idea for FRESH MILK has developed over years of conversations with other practicing artists around the need for artistic engagement amongst contemporary practitioners living and working in Barbados who are concerned with the contemporary Caribbean space – which maybe in Bridgetown, Toronto, Port of Spain or East London.

The Fresh Milk Platform

FRESH MILK is a space that straddles visual artist, Annalee Davis’ home with her working studio and gallery.  It is literally a wooden deck – a platform if you will, that connects her private dwelling home with the place where she thinks, writes, and makes things, becoming a point of connection between living and working environments as well as between herself and others.

FRESH MILK is located in the Southern Caribbean, a region often referred to as a hybridized space, well known for its capacity to fuse various elements and remake itself over and over again.  In this tradition, FRESH MILK appears   to be a singular space – a simple wooden deck used as a private eating area for a family but which on occasion transforms into a platform for ideas – bridging the divide between private and public, disciplines or territories; transformable into a gathering space for contemporary creatives who are thirsty to debate ideas and share works.

The intention of FRESH MILK is to stage two seasons of programming – a Wet Season – (July to November), and a Dry Season – (December to June).  All are welcome to FRESH MILK.