Pascale Faublas’ Fresh Milk Residency – Week 1 Blog Post

Fresh Milk shares the first blog post by Haitian resident artist Pascale Faublas, who is joining us as part of an artist exchange programme with Le Centre d’Art, Haiti, to create opportunities for women arts practitioners. In her first week, Pascale introduces us to the experience of coming to Barbados during these challenging times, following travel protocols and transitioning into the start of her residency. This programme is supported by UNESCO’s International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFDC) and the Foundation for Knowledge and Liberty (FOKAL). Read more below:

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Semaine 1

A année exceptionnelle, décisions exceptionnelles! En cette année 2020 marquée par la pandémie du Covid 19, ma résidence artistique a Fresh Milk en Barbades a été exceptionnellement coordonnée par Le Centre d’Art en Haïti et Fresh Milk en Barbades avec le support de l’Unesco et de la Fokal dans l’objectif de rapprocher les artistes de la Caraïbe et d’’offrir des opportunités aux femmes artistes en particulier.

Arrivée en Barbades le 1er Novembre, et suivant les mesures  imposées par le gouvernement, les 6 premiers jours de mon séjour seront conditionnés par ce virus, confinée dans une chambre d’hôtel désigné a cet effet , avec interdiction de prendre contact physique avec quiquonque pas avant les résultats négatifs d’un test Covid PCR pris au 2eme jour et un report de température tous les jours 2 fois par jour pendant 14 jours. 

Je serai donc accueillie a distance par Annalee Davis, qui généreusement me pourvoira en  livres provenant de la bibliothèque de Fresh Milk , traitant de la culture, de l’art dans la Caraïbe et la Barbades, me mettra en contact avec des personnes ressources telles que Dr. Tonya Haynes and Taitu Heron pour une mise en contexte de mon projet de résidence : Fanm se poto mitan.

C’est ainsi que,  le 6 Novembre, je suis reçue par Anna Lee Davis et Katherine Kennedy a Fresh Milk sur son site la  Walkers Dairy , une ancienne plantation coloniale aujourd’hui convertie en ferme ou se trouve l’atelier et la résidence d’artistes.


Week 1

In an exceptional year, exceptional actions! In this year, 2020, marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, my artistic residency at Fresh Milk in Barbados was exceptionally coordinated by Le Centre d’Art in Haiti and Fresh Milk in Barbados with the support of UNESCO and Fokal with the objective of bringing artists from the Caribbean closer together, and to offer opportunities to women artists in particular.

I arrived in Barbados on November 1, and following the measures imposed by the government, the first 6 days of my stay were conditioned by this virus. I was confined in a hotel room designated for this purpose, with a ban on making physical contact with anyone before the negative results of a Covid PCR test taken on the 2nd day and a temperature report every day twice a day for 14 days.

I was greeted at a distance by Annalee Davis, who generously provided me with books dealing with culture, art in the Caribbean and Barbados, all from the Colleen Lewis Reading Room at Fresh Milk. Fresh Milk put me in contact with Dr. Tonya Haynes (Institute for Gender & Development Studies at the University of the West Indies) and Taitu Heron (Director of the UWI Women and Development Unit, University of the West Indies) for me to contextualize my residency project: Fanm se poto mitan.

On November 6, I was received by Annalee Davis and Katherine Kennedy at Fresh Milk on their site at Walkers Dairy, a former colonial plantation now converted into a farm, which hosts workshops and artist residencies.

About Le Centre d’Art:

Le Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince is an institution that works towards promoting artistic creations by Haitian practitioners on the basis of preserved heritage values. Since its creation in 1944, this atypical space with multiple missions has been at the heart of societal and artistic evolutions. As the major protagonist in the reconfiguration of the fine arts realm in Haiti, Le Centre d’Art has been paving the way for several schools and artistic movements.

Despite the destruction of the infrastructure during the earthquake of 2010, Le Centre d’Art managed to save more than 5000 works and 3000 archive files, which are today preserved and valued. Since the reopening in 2014, Le Centre d’Art has once again become an essential part of Haitian culture.

Its mission is to support artists and their creations, and to conserve and disseminate Haitian visual arts. It is a resource space for artists, art students, art lovers, collectors and researchers alike.

Lauren Craig’s Residency- blog post #1

Lauren Craig is a London based multimedia visual artist and Fresh Milk’s current International Residency Artist.  During her time on the platform, she will continue her live performance work, ‘Cleanse‘.

Photograph  by Lauren Craig

Photograph by Lauren Craig

Through ‘Cleanse’, the artist is extending an invitation to the Barbadian public to explore what they no longer need or would like to let go of as well as what they want to keep while exploring the potential for where you want to be. Interactive sessions will examine mental and creative blockages that build up through busy, overworked lifestyles. Because bodies do not discriminate against what information they retain in daily life, Craig says they act as repositories or ‘palettes/palates’ that accumulate everything, becoming overloaded with unnecessary or negative information.

‘Cleanse’ participants will be encouraged to bring objects to their sessions, symbolizing what they want to share. They may also leave objects including drawings, poetry and photography. Participation is not limited to visual artists.‘Cleanse’ will offer a safe environment for participants to engage with Craig.

Sessions will be held at Fresh Milk and are being offered individually or in groups. Appointments for October 28th are already full but openings are available on October 27th, 29th, 30th and 31st from 11 am for one-hour sessions.

The group session will take place on Saturday November 1st between 2 and 4 pm.

Please email the artist at to make an appointment stating your available dates and preference for group or individual session.

The objects will also be available for viewing by appointment.

For more on Craig’s residency experience, read her first blog post below.

Lauren Craig at Fresh Milk I arrived in to Barbados feeling fluey and pretty much run down with blocked ears and a lack of balance. The sea helped me recuperate and settle in to the warm slow waves of the island’s pace. I started my residency a week later and the first days were filled mostly with words and sounds. The things I heard and how they made me want to speak and write was the strongest impulse. I followed that. It’s come together in the hyperlinked text that I am sharing here, making connections with more of what I am seeing. The poem is inspired by something Annalee said about the stud’s job (on the horse farm where the residency flat is located) being just eating and having sex. The studio is a place of words with a beautiful library where I found Kamau Brathwaite’s Barabajan Poems.

Lauren Craig at Fresh Milk

Lauren Craig at Fresh Milk

Lauren Craig at Fresh Milk

Lauren Craig at Fresh Milk

There are so many other books I would like to tell you about – maybe later. I’m probably working on too many things at once,  but what is new there? Here is a piece that came about called Formation.

Lauren Craig at Fresh Milk

Lauren Craig at Fresh Milk

I want to come back like that

Slow, Sleep, Stalling
Fresh sounds, smells, sights
Swarking birds, Beetles Bright
Green wings jewelled ceiling

Listen the land orders
Managing organising protecting
Security, mahogany speaks
Ginger pressing belly

Scattered butterflies
Ylang Ylang breeze in
My throat, nostrils flare
Pots on the banks

Green Gecko Greeting
Black Birds Vibrating feathers
Wind chiming souls
Elephants ears bow

Lauren Craig Barbados 2014

Announcing the FRESH MILK ‘My Time’ Local Resident Artist 2014 – Cherise Ward

FM Cherise Ward Flyer

FRESH MILK is very pleased to announce Barbadian artist Cherise Ward as the winner of the Fresh Milk ‘My Time’ Local Residency prize for 2014. Congratulations Cherise!

Cherise’s one-month residency will begin on Monday April 14, 2014, and she will use her time to explore new ideas and directions in her practice, with an aim of producing a small book project and expanding on aspects of this book in various forms of sculpture, specifically puppetry, and designer toys.

About Cherise Ward:

Cherise Ward is an Illustrator living in Barbados. After completing her Associate Degree in Visual Arts at the Barbados Community College, Cherise received her BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Cherise’s work has been shown in exhibitions in America; including New York City, California, and Chicago, as well as in Barbados. Her illustrations have been published on the covers of graphic novels and the pages of children’s books. Cherise’s work is often inspired by nature and her love of fantasy and storytelling.

Artist Statement:

As an Illustrator, my work is often based on my interest in storytelling. This then takes many forms, from single narrative illustrations, to sequential (picture books or graphic novels), to sculpture. Whatever form it takes, at the core, my work is greatly inspired by an interest in telling stories, which has been my passion since childhood.

In my most recent body of personal work, my intent was to create narrative illustrations of original fairy tales, based on the flora and fauna of the Caribbean; that had the feel of the classic fairy tales I enjoy. Each illustration tells a story, but also invites the viewer to imagine a story of their own.

I build puppets, from sketching the character on paper, to sculpting, and putting together the parts so they can function. So along with illustration, I also use sculpture to bring my stories to life.