Sound workshop with Ask Kæreby

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Danish composer and sound artist Ask Kæreby will be hosting a series of workshops around experimental ways of working with sound during his upcoming Fresh Milk residency in November, 2015.

Find out more about the programme below and email us at freshmilkbarbados@gmail.com to let us know if you are interested in attending, as space will be limited. More detailed information about the dates & times of the workshops will follow:

About the workshop:

What sounds are available for artistic expression and how can we approach them?

As a composer or musician it is very possible to take available instruments and their sounds for granted, as most have a heritage of hundreds of years, and many new are simply variations or emulations of earlier models. But what if we suspend “the usual suspects” for a while, and try to listen in a different way? What if we refrain from identifying a sound by its source, origin or processing, and instead try and describe what we hear by its own merits? If we open ourselves to the soundscape surrounding us, how can we appreciate this in a meaningful way, and can we communicate to others by means of our own soundscapes, composed or fabricated from field recordings?

In a number of workshops, we will focus on sound as a medium of intrinsic value and its own source of information. With inspiration from the World Soundscape Project from the 1970’s, we will begin an aural mapping of the environment, documenting the local soundscape via field recordings and discussing possible signature sounds or soundmarks. Using different types of transducers, we will investigate vibrations in different types of materials such as gasses, liquids and solids – thereby exploring different modes of perception and listening. These recordings will also function as the compositional base for experimental construction of sonic narratives, musical compounds or combinations thereof.

ask kaereby

Ask Kæreby

Artist Statement:

My artistic practice is interdisciplinary and research-based, involving experimental composition, sound design and electroacoustic music. I’m interested in the presentation of narratives by means of sound – not through traditional musical gestures, but using different approaches such as musique concrète or the futurists’ bruitism, thereby giving the listener a more subtle way of experiencing the essence of the work. By placing myself in the intersection between the known formats, I wish to challenge our ways of listening – to music (live as well as recorded), to our surroundings and to (sonic) art.

Since the days of Aristotle, narratives in art have been characterised by a “poetic” organising principle, which is both logically and aesthetically superior to the random historicity of factual events. The incorporation and processing of pieces of reality in the shape of sounds in forming an audible work, contains possibilities for combining and juxtaposing these two principles, which I find extremely interesting.

My projects begin with a longer period of research, where I collect factual and historical information and gather impressions and sounds from the area and/or subject. Particularly interesting ideological or technological methods may appear, and form the basis of my further compositional work.


Ask Kæreby is a Danish composer. He studied music production in Copenhagen, earning a MMus degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Kæreby’s artistic practice is interdisciplinary and research-based, including elements of experimental composition, sound design and electroacoustic music. He is interested in the presentation of narratives by means of sound – not through traditional musical gestures, but using different approaches such as musique concrète or the futurists’ bruitism. Working in the intersection between known formats, Kæreby wishes to challenge our ways of listening – to music (live as well as recorded), to our surroundings and to (sonic) art.

He has been awarded grants in support of his work from The Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Musicians’ Union, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Familien Hede Nielsen Foundation, Dansk Artist Association, Ellen & Erik Valdemar Jensen Music Grant, Anders Månsson & wife Memorial Grant and Karen Margrethe Torp-Pedersen & husband Foundation.


TVE Open Call – Deadline Extended

TVE flyer Extension

TVE (transoceanic visual exchange) is making an open call in search of recent artists’ films and videos to be included in an exchange between Fresh Milk (Barbados), RM, (Auckland) and VAN Lagos (Nigeria).

Fresh Milk, RM and VAN Lagos, are pleased to welcome submissions of recent film and video works – screenings, installations and expanded cinema – by contemporary artists, to be included in programmes for exchange between Barbados, Auckland and Lagos. Submitted works must have been completed in the last five years and must be made by artists practicing in the Caribbean, Africa or Polynesia.

The foundation of this transoceanic visual exchange (TVE) will be a collection of recent artist’s film and video from each region. However, the final shape and content of the programme will be informed by an open workshop process, which aims to involve and promote discussion within the wider arts communities of each arts initiative.

Working between the Caribbean, Africa and Polynesia, TVE aims to negotiate the in-between space of our cultural communities outside of traditional geo-political zones of encounter and trade. Fresh Milk, VAN Lagos and RM first met as participants of International Artists Initiated, a programme organized and facilitated by David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, in July 2014. TVE intends to build upon relations established during this initial encounter and open up greater pathways of visibility, discourse and knowledge production between the artist run initiatives and their communities.


  • Must be work from artists practicing in the Caribbean, Africa or Polynesia.
  • Must be work that has been completed/made in the last five years.
  • Can be films of any length (shorts, experimental, features and video artworks)
  • Can be in any language (films originally produced in regional languages are welcome) with English subtitles.
  • Multiple submissions are welcome
  • Must be accompanied by a description of the work (500 words max), a bio (200 words max) and detail of any technical requirements i.e. audio, installation, equipment required, preferred setting etc.
  • Works must be in the form of mp4 files no larger than 10MB, or private Vimeo / Youtube links

The deadline for submissions has been extended to February 27, 2015.

The exchange will occur in June/July 2015

Please send submissions and enquiries to the region in which you are practicing:

Caribbean: freshmilkbarbados@gmail.com
Polynesia: taarati@rm103.org
Africa: info@vanlagos.org / vanlagos.org@gmail.com


Call for Applications: Akademie Schloss Solitude

Image courtesy Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Image courtesy Akademie Schloss Solitude.

For the fifteenth time, Akademie Schloss Solitude is granting approx. 70 residency fellowships of three to twelve months in duration. More than 1.200 artists from moren than 100 countries have developed and advanced projects at the Akademie since its opening in 1990, creating a close-knit, global network of Solitude alumni that expands from year to year. The Akademie persues an intense exchange between artistic and scientific disciplines. With the art, science & business program the transfer of knowledge and experience between the arts, the sciences and economics can be deepened to create new synergies of creativity, inventiveness and management.

International artists are invited to apply from the following disciplines: Architecture (design, landscape architecture, urban planning), Visual Arts (including performance art), Performing Arts (stage design, dramatic texts, dramaturgy, musical theater, performance, direction, drama, dance), Design (fashion, costume, product and furniture design, visual communication), Literature (essay, criticism, poetry, prose, translation), Music/Sound (interpretation, sound installation, sound performance, composition) and Video/Film/New Media (including video installation, fiction and documentary).

Furthermore, scholars, scientists and professionals from the disciplines of the HumanitiesSocial Sciences (with a focus on culture and the politics of space), Economy/Economics (with a focus on urban policy), and Culture & Law (with a focus on authorship) are invited to apply.

At the beginning of a new application round, the Akademie stipulates a new central topic within the context of its art, science & business program which is designed to include not only fellows from all disciplines, but external specialists too. The Akademie views art, science and business as complementary rather than separate activities, which interact dynamically and encourage mutual productivity. To this end, fellows are selected in the fields of art, science & business, internal and public events are organized and publications are released. All fellows – artists, scientists and economists – are free to participate in projects related to the central topic.

Following a suggestion by the current jury chairman, Kaiwan Mehta, the Akademie will be organizing its art, science & business program around the central topic Biography and the Production of Space. With this central topic, the Akademie would like to initiate a comprehensive interdisciplinary discussion about the production of spaces – which can be physical, virtual or imaginary– as an individual as well as social phenomena with implications in economy, art, literature, and sciences.

Persons up to 35 or if older who have completed a university or college degree within the past five years are welcome to apply. Currently enrolled university or college students (at the time of application) will not be considered for selection. Each fellowship recipient is granted Euro 1,100 per month, in addition to free lodging.

The independent jury consists of the jury chairman Kaiwan Mehta and eleven specialist jurors who independently allocate the fellowships for their respective disciplines.

The eleven specialist jurors for this year’s application round are:
​Architecture: Brett Steele, London/United Kingdom; Visual Arts: Desire Machine Collective, (Sonal Jain and Mriganka Madhukaillya ), Guwahati/India; Performing Arts: Galin Stoev, Sofia/Bulgaria, Paris/France; Design: Ute Meta Bauer, Singapore; Literature: Ranjit Hoskote, Mumbai/India; Music/Sound: Jennifer Walshe, Dublin/Ireland; Video/Film/New Media: Nancy Adajania, Mumbai/India; Humanities: Kaiwan Mehta, Mumbai/India; Economy/Economics: Edward Soja, Los Angeles/USA & London/UK; Social Sciences: Ackbar Abbas, Hong-Kong & Irvine/USA; Culture & Law: Lawrence Liang, Bangalore/India.

Application deadline is Friday, October 31, 2014 (Postmark/End of Online Application).

​As of July 1, applicants will find all information, be able to register and download the application form or apply online on the APPLICATION WEBSITE.


International Writing Program Fellowship:

Request for Proposals from OECS Countries


The Public Affairs Section at the U.S. Embassy at Bridgetown is happy to announce that we are now accepting nominations from writers who are citizens of and who live in Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines who would like to apply to participate in the ten-week International Writer’s Program (IWP) at the University of Iowa’s prestigious international residency program.

Program dates: The IWP is tentatively scheduled in Iowa City from August 23, 2014 to November 11, 2014.

Deadline and Writing Sample: Interested writers should send a curriculum vitae and a 10 to 15 page writing sample to bridgetownexchanges@state.gov by March 27, 2014. No applications will be accepted after this deadline.

Who should apply: The IWP program is designed for established and emerging creative writers in any genre including fiction, poetry, dramatists, screen writers are eligible for nomination. Literary translators and writers of creative non-fiction, e.g. feature journalism, cultural commentary, biography, etc. are also eligible to apply. Applicants must have published at least one book, or their works have appeared in significant publications over the past two years.  Please note that in order for writers to benefit fully from this residency, they will need to have the flexibility in their schedules to spend 10 weeks in the United States.

Shambaugh House, University of Iowa - Home of the IWP.

Shambaugh House, University of Iowa – Home of the IWP.

All applicants must be fluent in English (spoken and written), comfortable with cross-cultural dynamics, and interested in close interaction with other artists from a multiplicity of diverse cultures.

Program Description: IWP provides a unique inter-cultural experience for established writers who have achieved literary distinction in their own countries, as well as for rising stars who have demonstrated literary talent, broad appeal and/or an interest in contributing to the creative writing culture in their home countries.

The IWP brings together a wide range of international and U.S. writers to examine current trends in literature including fiction, drama, poetry, and screenwriting to explore the creative process involved in writing in a unique U.S. environment. The international writers will spend 10 weeks in residence at the University of Iowa in Iowa City presenting their work to local audiences, working with translators, and participating in university level classes and workshops.  This aspect of the program will help these participants bring their countries’ literary works to a wider audience and learn more about U.S. literature. The 2011 program will feature increased opportunities for writers to participate in optional collaborative projects with artists from other disciplines including theater and dance.  The residency will also include field trips to attend literary events.  Further details about the program are available on the IWP website.

Funding: Successful applicants will receive funding that will cover the costs of the writer participating in cultural exchange activities in the fields of writing, translation, and collaboration with artists from other artistic disciplines.

Housing and Family: Due to housing limitations at the University of Iowa, and the intense nature of this residency, family members are not permitted to accompany the writer(s) for the duration of the residency.

Further more information, please email bridgetownexchanges@state.gov.


ARC Magazine’s 2014 Internship Programme

FB PROMO & website GFX_Internship_r1

ARC Magazine’s 2014 internship program is now open and seeking to appoint two candidates, preferably professionals with  arts administration and social media experience who have a vested interest in the Visual Arts, Non-Profit Arts Activism, Social Media Development and Journalism.

While at ARC, the selected interns will have the opportunity to:

• Gain invaluable experience at one of the leading art and cultural publications focused on Caribbean Art.
• Web content management and development
• Research works on various artists from across the region and diaspora
• Develop an informed writing practice by blogging and creating specific content.

DEADLINE: All applications are due March 15th, 2014.
DURATION: All internships last a period of 6 months, April- September with the chance of part time employment from the months of September-November 2014.
LOCATION: The internship’s operations will be based remotely and the selected intern will conduct all responsibilities where they reside.

Find out more on ARC Magazine’s website.


Open Call: FRESH MILK’s Primavera Residency

FMPrimavera arc

Although the later half of the year is filling up quickly, FRESH MILK still has space available between the months of March – May of our 2014 Primavera Residency period, and applications from artists worldwide are welcomed.

This residency aims to support visual artists and creatives by offering a peaceful working space for a minimum of 4 weeks, and the opportunity to interface with contemporary practitioners living and working in Barbados. For more information on the residency and associated costs, please visit our International Residency Opportunity page.

The deadline for applications is February 28, 2014.

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