Fresh Milk & Casa Tomada

Fresh Milk has worked with the Brazilian art and residency space Casa Tomada on a number of occasions to develop programming between Barbados and Sao Paulo:


Versia Harris at Casa Tomada

Barbadian artist Versia Harris was in Sao Paulo, Brazil for seven weeks beginning Sunday, May 24, 2015 for a residency with Casa Tomada.

This collaborative programme organized between Fresh Milk and Casa Tomada will see Versia working alongside Brazilian artist Janaina Wagner, interacting with arts professionals, producing and showcasing her work, exploring the Brazilian art scene and looking into the possibility of furthering her studies in Sao Paulo.

Read Versia’s report on the experience by clicking below:

Versia in Brazil 1


fresh casa

The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) and Fresh Milk, in collaboration with Casa Tomada presented fresh casa which took place in Sao Paulo from September 14th – 21st 2013. This programme saw Barbadian artists Shanika Grimes and Katherine Kennedy participating in a mentoring programme hosted by Casa Tomada and focusing on the professionalization of artists. Alongside this, an itinerary was designed collaboratively by Fresh Milk and Casa Tomada for senior officials at the NCF and the artists, where they visited contemporary art spaces and met critics, gallerists and curators, allowing them to gain an understanding of the contemporary art space in Sao Paulo.

Secondly, Barbadian artist Evan Avery designed a graphic which was installed as an adhesive decal into Casa Tomada’s ‘A Casa Recebe’ – a street facing window which presents works by visual artists working in Brazil and internationally.

Delegates from the NCF included the Chief Cultural Officer, Mrs Andrea Wells, Corporate Communications Specialist Ms Simone Codrington and Senior Business Development Officer, Ms Alison Sealy-Smith. fresh casa was funded by the Art and Sport Promotion Fund, Ministry of Finance, Barbados.


Annalee Davis at Casa Tomada

On May 13th, 2013, founder and director of Fresh Milk Annalee Davis visited Casa Tomada to present the Fresh Milk platform and review residents’  processes and development.


About Casa Tomada:

Founded in 2009, Casa Tomada is an independent space for practice, research and reflections of artistic nature. Concerned with the entire process, instead of focusing exclusively on the final work of art, Casa Tomada encourages discussion about emerging contemporary art, not only stimulating the development of artistic and theoretical practices motivated by shared experience, but acting as a catalyst for experiences and connections between artists, researchers, and other independent artistic initiatives. During these years, Casa Tomada organized 8 residences, 2 in partnership with Videobrasil, and one international exchange between São Paulo and London with the Delfina Foundation. Casa Tomada has also run other kinds of programs, all based on young artistic production, connections between different spaces and interdisciplinarity.

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