Caribbean Linked VI 2021 – Closing Event at Ateliers ’89

On Wednesday September 1st, between 4 – 5 pm (AST), there will be a closing event for the virtual edition of Caribbean Linked VI, taking place at Ateliers ’89, Aruba, and broadcasted live by TELE ARUBA!

Click here to access the livestream on TELE ARUBA, Channel 23

The event will also highlight the exhibition P A N, God’s Artist (In Times of Covid), with many of the participating artists (including Caribbean Linked VI residents & Caribbean Linked alumni) present to discuss their work in the show.

About P A N:

P A N, God’s artists (In Times of Covid) or Pan the bread that hasn’t been given to the artists during the hard times of the Covid period. A presentation of expressions by artists on the Island’s Covid management during the pandemic. An open criticism reflects the hard times of God’s artists in times of Covid. 

Watch a Youtube video showcasing the exhibition here

Do not miss the unique opportunity to attend the two events – whether online or on the ground in Aruba – and interact with local Aruban artists!

Caribbean Linked is a regional residency co-managed by  Ateliers ’89 (Aruba), The Fresh Milk Art Platform (Barbados) and ARC Magazine. Huge thanks to the event sponsors, The Government of Aruba, TPEF, TELE ARUBA, Mondriaan Fonds, UNOCA, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Bank Giro Loterij, VNO, Cine Aruba, SETAR, Rotaract
Aruba, Garage Centraal and Vibartion PR.

Tilting Axis: Within and Beyond the Caribbean – Shifting Models of Sustainability and Connectivity

The two-day conference ‘Tilting Axis: Within and Beyond the Caribbean – Shifting Models of Sustainability and Connectivity’ will be held at The Fresh Milk Art Platform, Barbados on February 27-28, 2015. This meeting aims to promote greater conversations and engagement between artists and professionals working within artist-led initiatives across the wider Caribbean region, build and redefine historical relationships with those in the North, and establish open dialogue with active networks emerging in the Global South.

Organized by Fresh Milk, ARC Inc., Res Artis and Pérez Art Museum Miami, Tilting Axis sees the founders/directors of several of the region’s artist-led initiatives coming together to engage in face to face conversations, along with a number of professionals from outside the region interested in working with Caribbean based initiatives.

The objectives of the two-day engagement are to:

● Create opportunities for more integration, awareness, and collaborations to take place across the Caribbean and between international foundations, cultural organizations, and practitioners;
● Enable local, regional, and international artist networks to reflect on lessons learned and share best practices, methodologies, and ideas;
● Develop an action plan for continued collaboration and for moving the Caribbean out of a peripheral position in the global art conversation.

Directing Organizations: ARC Inc., and Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc.
Associate Partners: Res Artis and Pérez Art Museum Miami
Supporting Partners: Arts and Sport Promotion Fund Committee (Barbados), the Davidoff Art Initiative, the British Council and the Prince Claus Fund.


Annalee Davis – Founder/Director, The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. (Barbados)
Holly Bynoe – Co-founder/Director, ARC Inc. (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)
Mario Caro – President, Res Artis (The Netherlands)
Tobias Ostrander – Chief Curator, Pérez Art Museum Miami (USA)
Solange Farkas – Director, Videobrasil (Brazil)
N’Goné Fall – Co-founder/Director, GawLab (Senegal)
Katherine Kennedy – Assistant to Directors, The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. & ARC Inc. (Barbados)
Versia Harris – Visual Artist/Volunteer, The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. (Barbados)
Sammy Davis – Videographer/Volunteer, The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. (Barbados)
Deborah Anzinger – Executive Director, New Local Space -NLS (Jamaica)
Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe – Co-founder/Director, Groundation Grenada (Grenada)
Caryl Ivrisse-Crochemar – Director, 14Nº61ºW (Martinique)
Nicholas Laughlin – Co-founder, Alice Yard (Trinidad & Tobago)
Marsha Pearce – Senior Editor, ARC Inc. (Trinidad & Tobago)
Amanda Coulson – Director, The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas (The Bahamas)
David Bade – Co-founder, Instituto Buena Bista – IBB (Curaçao)
Tirzo Martha – Co-founder, Instituto Buena Bista – IBB (Curaçao)
Elvis Lopez – Director, Ateliers ‘89 (Aruba)
Natalie Urquhart – Director, The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands)
Raquel Paiewonsky – Artist and Co-Founder, Quintapata (Dominican Republic)
Kira Simon-Kennedy – Program Manager/Co-founder, China Residencies (New York City)
Maria Elena Ortiz – Associate Curator, Pérez Art Museum Miami (USA)
David Codling – Director Arts, Americas, British Council (Colombia)
Remco de Blaaij – Curator, Centre for Contemporary Arts (Scotland)
Jessica Carden – Curator, Mother Tongue (United Kingdom)
Max Slaven – Co-Director, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow (Scotland)
Ellie Royle – Co-Director, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow (Scotland)
Janice Whittle – Curator, The National Cultural Foundation (Barbados)
Joscelyn Gardner – Visual Artist (Barbados)
Therese Hadchity – Art Historian (Barbados)
Llanor Alleyne – Visual artist (Barbados)
Tonika Sealy – Independent Cultural Producer (Barbados)

Image credit: Mark King, Untitled Grid Fields, paint on concrete, 2015. Photo by Llanor Alleyne

NLS presents ‘in’ an online conversation with Caribbean Linked

For those of you who missed it live, you can watch NLS’ third iteration of “in” here.

“in” is a series of live online conversations on Youtube and Google Hangouts with visual artists, art organisers and curators.

In this video, NLS director Deborah Anzinger talks about the intra-Caribbean residency program Caribbean Linked, with Holly Bynoe of ARC Magazine, Annalee Davis of Fresh Milk, Elvis Lopez of Ateliers ’89 and participating artist Sofia Maldonado.

Review of FRESH MILK VII in Barbados Today – The Colleen Lewis Reading Room and ‘A Negation of Preconceptions’

Musings from the Milk Parlour Studio in Barbados Today, August 17th 2012 – Guest Columnist Katherine Kennedy

The Friday August 17th edition of the online newspaper Barbados Today featured an article in the Musings from the Milk Parlour Studio segment by guest columnist and member of the FRESH MILK Team, Katherine Kennedy. The article first appeared on ARC Magazine’s online forum.

The piece focuses on two sections of FRESH MILK VII, held on Sunday July 15th – The official opening of The Colleen Lewis Reading Room, and the exhibition ‘A Negation of Preconceptions,’ curated by Natalie McGuire and featuring the work of Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe, Mark King, Rodell Warner and Tracey Chan.

Click here to read the PDF of the article: FRESH MILK VII in Barbados Today – Paying Tribute to Colleen Lewis