Caribbean Linked VI 2021 – Closing Event at Ateliers ’89

On Wednesday September 1st, between 4 – 5 pm (AST), there will be a closing event for the virtual edition of Caribbean Linked VI, taking place at Ateliers ’89, Aruba, and broadcasted live by TELE ARUBA!

Click here to access the livestream on TELE ARUBA, Channel 23

The event will also highlight the exhibition P A N, God’s Artist (In Times of Covid), with many of the participating artists (including Caribbean Linked VI residents & Caribbean Linked alumni) present to discuss their work in the show.

About P A N:

P A N, God’s artists (In Times of Covid) or Pan the bread that hasn’t been given to the artists during the hard times of the Covid period. A presentation of expressions by artists on the Island’s Covid management during the pandemic. An open criticism reflects the hard times of God’s artists in times of Covid. 

Watch a Youtube video showcasing the exhibition here

Do not miss the unique opportunity to attend the two events – whether online or on the ground in Aruba – and interact with local Aruban artists!

Caribbean Linked is a regional residency co-managed by  Ateliers ’89 (Aruba), The Fresh Milk Art Platform (Barbados) and ARC Magazine. Huge thanks to the event sponsors, The Government of Aruba, TPEF, TELE ARUBA, Mondriaan Fonds, UNOCA, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Bank Giro Loterij, VNO, Cine Aruba, SETAR, Rotaract
Aruba, Garage Centraal and Vibartion PR.

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