Artist Talk with Anna Christina Lorenzen and Alberta Whittle

On Saturday December 15th at 5:00pm, our two artists in residence Anna Christina Lorenzen and Alberta Whittle will be giving an artist talk at FRESH MILK. The presentation will consist of three segments:

Jeans vs Leggings

Alberta Whittle – Presentation on her most recent work at Fresh Milk

Alberta Whittle is a Barbadian artist who returned home to take up a residency at Fresh Milk. Whittle’s work has undertaken some shifts to concentrate with greater intensity her research on hypersexuality in the Barbadian context. Focusing on the fete posters imagery of aspirational life styles and of men and women, she is interested in how these posters become a form of self-portraiture.

Anna Christina Lorenzen

Anna Christina Lorenzen  – Presentation on her practice and her participation in the artist-initiated Norwegian art scene

Anna Christina Lorenzen is a visual artist from Norway/Germany, who was a founding member of the studio collective, Bergen Atelier Gruppe (BAG). Through the historically and culturally universal medium of drawing, Lorenzen explores the seemingly never-ending cycle of visual representation of the body and the physical representation of the visual image of the body.

Dutch Blue, 2012 - A collaborative work in progress by Anna Christina Lorenzen and Alberta Whittle


Lorenzen and Whittle met in Cape Town earlier this year during a residency program at Greatmore Studios. They uncovered many parallels and meeting points in their individual practices. Whilst in South Africa, they began collaborating in generating perfomative situations and documenting these actions through photographic stills and video footage. Discovering commonalities in their creative processes and concepts, they are developing a collaborative body of work at Fresh Milk.


The talk is free of cost, all are welcome!


FRESH MILK at the IBB: Blog Post IV

It’s been a week since I returned to Barbados – sorry this is late, but it just shows how busy and productive things have been at Fresh Milk, while we got everything in order for the arrival of the IBB team to Barbados, and preparations for FRESH MILK IX, which will be held Thursday, November 29th at 7pm. Never a dull moment!

Overall, the interactive Ustream project Creatives in Conversation which rounded off my set of interviews in Curacao was definitely a success. There were a few technical difficulties, but all the quirks such as jokes, impromptu karaoke sessions, IT technician Omar Kuwas having to usurp me as the interviewer when he possessed the sole laptop with an internet connection, and general good natured fun made it endearing, alongside the serious and very pertinent issues David Bade and Tirzo Martha brought up about the contemporary arts in Curacao and around the region. And of course, what I found to be the greatest aspect of the project was the response we got from our viewers. NLS in Jamaica hosted an event in a local bar to screen the interview, Ateliers ’89 in Aruba also tuned in, Fresh Milk was represented, and artists and interested persons from around the region and beyond (including responses from St. Vincent, the Netherlands etc.) all took part and sent in their questions.

The interest in the project, and David and Tirzo’s passionate answers show that there is a need for this inter-regional and international communication in the arts, and that the time is ripe for this interaction to take place. As Tirzo said, stop the circular conferences and stagnant symposiums – this is our chance to take collective action and find ways to really focus on and tackle the issues we have in the Caribbean together, as the ones actually affected by legislation passed from people who do not understand the situation. Creatives in Conversation showed that despite the difficulties in inter-regional travel, we can find alternate methods to at least make a start, and I think it could be a good idea for the informal art institutions (Fresh Milk, IBB, NLS, Ateliers ’89, Alice Yard, Popopstudios, Tembe Art Studio etc.) to schedule these streamed events on a regular basis, held in a different country each time, so we remain informed about what we do and circulate our own ideas on how we can strengthen the Caribbean art scene.

If you missed the interview live, you can still view it online at

That weekend, we took some down time and Holly, Erik, Marijn, David, Willy and I visited a turtle watching point, had lunch in a local restaurant and visited a couple of beaches on the Saturday. On Sunday we went adventuring to the East of the island, eventually settling on Caracas Bay, a rock and pebble beach with stunningly clear water. This was also next to Fort Beekenberg, which you could climb to the top of for gorgeous views over the island.

I already miss the students and staff at the IBB, my housemates Holly Bynoe, Erik and Marijn Habets, and our dogs Bruno and Tequila. I am very grateful to everyone who contributed to my time in Curacao. I have high hopes and expectations for the outcome of this residency, with the interviews which will be released in the coming weeks introducing a wider public to the Curacao arts, and the interactive platform that we would love to continue building to set the stage for an enhanced level of understanding and collaboration. We’re already well on our way, as Fresh Milk welcomed Tirzo, David, Erik and IBB students Dominic Schmetz, Kristel Rigaud and Rashid Pieter to Barbados this past Sunday. Looking forward to this week with them, and everything our partnership with the IBB will accomplish!

Katherine Kennedy


Fresh Milk and the IBB Present: Creatives in Conversation


Remember to tune in to  tonight at 6pm local time in Curaçao to watch CREATIVES IN CONVERSATION, an interactive Ustream interview with visual artists and co-founders of the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) David Bade and Tirzo Martha.

This project, conceptualized by Barbadian art historian Natalie McGuire, recognises the internet as a medium where people in the Caribbean have been able to research what is happening regionally in the arts, but wants to take it a step further and proactively make the internet a space for critical dialogue and exchange.

Barbadian artist Katherine Kennedy will be representing FRESH MILK, interviewing visual artists and co-founders of the IBB David Bade and Tirzo Martha at the IBB in Curaçao, and you are invited to send in your comments and questions as the interview is occurring.

Be sure to tune in and be a part of this event, as we continue to link our Caribbean arts community.