Fresh Milk & the NCF launch three Digital Public Artworks

The Fresh Milk Art Platform, with support from the Cultural Industries Development Fund of the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados, has launched three Digital Public Arts Projects featuring works by local artists! Congratulations to Joshua ClarkeMohita Shenoy and Chris Welch, whose artworks are now exhibited on the Fresh Milk ArtBoard, a mural at St. George’s Primary School and a Fresh Stops Bus Shelter respectively!

Now more than ever during the global limitations we are facing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical to think about how we as a society value the work of artists. Fresh Milk and the NCF seek to empower creatives and stimulate the creative economy in the island, especially during this very challenging moment, and are thrilled to have engaged with a range of artists at different stages of their careers and working across a variety of media including illustration, graphic design, photography and artificial intelligence to name a few.

Joshua Clarke on his piece:

“…The two works [I incorporated are] the Nelson’s History piece that tracks his personal story from young sailor to figure of heroism and horror in duality in the English Caribbean, and the Statue Fallen piece that draws on space opera & science fiction imagery to see the scar of Nelson’s idolatry rent asunder from the figure representing the island of Barbados. My hope [is that the piece] arrests the viewer as something simultaneously otherworldly but relentlessly Caribbean, pulling the dynamic color from the painting and the complex linework from the illustrative piece for a pop poster mashup that takes my two artistic directions and combines them in a way that can be communicated on a large scale.”

Mohita Shenoy on her piece:

“…Since lions are the mascots of [St. George Primary] school, I had the idea that the lions being portrayed are a sort of symbol, a spirit of the school that goes wherever the students go in life. The boy is shown to be reading (academics). The lion alongside him patiently allows him to lean against him, supporting him in his studies. The girl in the middle is playing soccer (sports), the lion cub at her side runs with her, again a symbol of moral support. The girl on the right is dancing (the arts). The lioness accompanying her winds around her, as if it wants to dance in support too.”

Chris Welch on his piece:

“…AI Chattel is a model that dreams of Bajan architecture, connecting the past, present and future of these unique structures. AI Chattel bridges the gaps between art, technology, culture and architecture. Machine Learning (ML) is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience … I used an image dataset of 2500 chattel house images from around the island to train a Style GAN 2 (Generative Adversarial Network) model. The objective of this project is to show an important and yet mostly forgotten characteristic about architecture; architecture is alive, lives among us and is capable of stimulating our senses.”

There is also a QR code embedded in Chris’ work on the bus shelter, and the public is invited to scan it to learn more and to see the video component of his AI Chattel series.

This project is made possible in part by the Cultural Industries Development Fund of the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados. Special thanks to Colour XL for the printing and installation of the mural and ArtBoard, and to Adopt A Stop for the construction of the bus shelter.

Open Call: The Fresh Milk ArtBoard

The Fresh Milk Art Platform, Barbados, shares a regional open call for Caribbean visual artists to submit digital pieces for consideration to be displayed on our Fresh Milk ArtBoard. In an effort to generate interest in work by contemporary artists and share it with the public, Fresh Milk uses the ArtBoard as a ‘public gallery’, as it is located by a busy road on the outskirts of the active dairy farm that houses our studio. The successful applicant will receive a fee of $1,000.00 BBD ($500 USD) for their work.


  • Artists must be citizens of the Caribbean
  • Artwork must be sent as a digital file (JPG, PNG, PDF, TIF or PSD)
  • Artwork must be very high resolution, and able to be printed clearly at the size 89” x 89”
  • The work, a statement about the proposed work (no more than 350 words) and a bio (no more than 250 words) should be sent to This can also be done via WeTransfer or Dropbox
  • Please keep in mind that the Fresh Milk logo and signage for the ArtBoard will be incorporated along the left side of the 89” x 89” design, as seen in previous Fresh Milk ArtBoard editions

The deadline for submission of works is July 21, 2017. The selected piece will be on display from August, 2017, which coincides both with Fresh Milk’s 6th Anniversary as well as the hosting of the regional festival CARIFESTA XIII in Barbados, and will be on display for a minimum of 6 months.