Caribbean Linked II Artist Blogs: Germille Geerman

Aruban artist Germille Geerman shares his blog post about  Caribbean Linked II, his recent residency at Ateliers ’89, Aruba. Following his review of the opening exhibition, Geerman tells us more about the time leading up to it, and playing hard in addition to working hard as he got to know the other residents. He emphasizes the value of having spaces like this to feel comfortable in and form connections, while still engaging with like minded, critical artists.

The infamous Bronco.

The infamous Bronco.

Have you ever heard of men with pink nails?? Man did Those pink walls have me beat,… But the painting Had to be done,… My new motto for the Ateliers is, “Meet me at the Giant Lipstick…” And they did… The meet & greet was nice… Alydia Kicked ass,… and There I met them,… Mark, Rodell, Veronica, Omar, Shirley, Sofia, Robin, and of course Kevin,… It’s great seeing him again,… and meeting everybody else, breaking the ice… Dhiraj Didn’t make it on time,… But he did the next day… Fashionably late in his Flexibleman SUIT and with a great speech… We had breakfast, lunch and dinn,… Well, we had Heavy Lunches to say the least… We got classes where we got to know each & everyone’s career & goals… We were Served like Kings & Queens,… And Mentored by the finest on the island,…

Aritsts meeting with Ciro Abath for a studio visit

Aritsts meeting with Ciro Abath for a studio visit

It was an honor getting to know these Aruban contemporary Artists So close & Personal,… Visiting their Ateliers, being in their homes… A little bit of the “family feeling” even if it was for a little while… I had a lot to do before it all started… Every day,… Late nights, and “try-to” early mornings, kind of,… Don Jacinto’s Was great,.. It’s a pity the waitresses didn’t make it to the expo… They’ve treated us well,… The Guys liked them a great bunch… Ciro (Terafuse), Osaira (StudiO), Glenda (San Nicolas TV), Ryan (SWBE Media), Alydia Wever Theater Dance Company… Carubbian, Buchi’s Place, Not Buchi Bar (there’s a difference) Copacabana for the great tip,… Ofno Glenda?? Alejandra, Local store, Kevin’s Pool Party, Danny @House of Music, Bruno Getz, Taliban, For the amazing Vibez… Don Pinchos, mano,… If you’re ever in the area Do pass by,… All Great People,… they treated us all Grandly… And shall treat you so Too,… Zeerovers? Epicc swa,… Still Looking forward for the GIF’s Mark,… Que Pasa… Last year was with Annalee, This year was with Holly, by accident,… Same table too,… Funny coincidence… Those waiters did not come also,… What is it with waiters not visiting us on our expo night, Right?

The wine.

The wine.

Here I met Friends,… The Golden Kind,… We all have same aims & goals,… Ain’t that something… Everyone had their corner… Yup, the Ateliers is THAT BIG… We had a Bronco,… a Birdie,… We Concur & Conquered (original, no copia) The whole Island for those 12 days,… Yup… Aruba was Our Oyster,… And will always be,… We had 2 huge wine Bottles to do some Art with… So we did, we drank them for inspiration and of course, The Ultimate Party Fuel… Right Guys??? “Apparently we kind of got in trouble”… But we did Not… They asked for art, and Are Getting a Pretty Amazing unique Contemporary Glass Piece, To add to their collection, In collaboration with Ciro Abath, Mr Terafuse… I’m going to label it after work today… And Sign in to our name so we can deliver it… The Sponsor didn’t make it the opening night… I supposed it’d be nice if we get to host him at a Closing Expo,… It’s all Soooooo Worth it,… And he does deserve to get his Gift with a Bang,… Once again Elvis did it,… Ateliers ’89 is a very important place for culture & Education, Folks,… I hope The Big Ones who should realize that do So, and do keep on pushing it,… Elvis Deserves it,… But Aruba too,… Deserves Ateliers ’89… It’s a monument, man… One that I know like “mi plant’I man”… To Nicole, Shantrelle & Holly & Annalee,… Thank You all a Bunch.. It was sooo worth it, and soo beautiful indeed… To everybody that made it happen, Thank You all a bunch… And to those who came, It’s an honor & a pleasure to have had shared this with all of you… And Those who didn’t make it yet? Ta KI BO TA WARDA ANTO,..!?!?!?


About Germille Geerman:

Germille German is an emerging visual artist and writer from Aruba. Born in 1988 he started using film at the age of 15 working for the local ATV station. He has travelled widely, and started formal training at the Ateliers ’89 under Elvis Lopez in 2009. He started freelancing at the age of 20 and is looking for his next great destination.

CARIBBEAN LINKED II is a residency programme and exhibition organized by Ateliers ’89 Foundation in collaboration with ARC Inc. and The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. and funded by the Mondriaan Foundation. The programme took place from August 25th through September 6th, 2013 in Oranjestad, Aruba.

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