Adrian Green and Sky LARC’s Residency: Final Report

Adrian Green and Sky LARC share their final residency report on their ongoing film collaboration, which will be screened at Fresh Milk in 2014 upon its completion. Stay tuned for more information on this in the new year.

Thanks to Adrian and LARC for working with Fresh Milk on this project and concluding the local residency programme for 2013.


It is over but it is not done.  We are in mid labour with the video for the poem H(art)d work, conceived with Fresh Milk.  It will be a bastard child; born after the relationship of LARC, Adrian Green and Fresh Milk has officially ended.  But many so called illegitimate children have risen to dwarf the stature of their peers born and raised in the standardised arrangement.  Jesus comes to mind.

However instead of having one earthly parent, this project has three.

We cannot say for sure that this video child is immaculate.  It has not yet fully emerged from the womb.  We can see the head though, and it looks to be well formed.  As this is the first video adaptation of one of my poems, I feel confident though that I will be able to say, “This is my only begotten video, with whom I am well pleased.”

Till this long tedious labour is complete, all I have is faith.  Faith without works is dead, so to ensure that this baby is not still born, much work still remains.  This project has made a believer out of me.  I have a newer, fresher appreciation for the medium of film and video which is in many ways the polar opposite of my own preferred mode of expression.  One is more communal, the other solitary.  One is tech dependent the other needs only a black lead and paper.

So much frustration, so much back and forth, so many different personalities: I am not used to this.  In fact I actively avoid it.  Thank you LARC and Fresh Milk for forcing me to grow.

On to the next scene…

– Adrian Green


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