Charles Phillips interns with Fresh Milk residents Saada Branker & Powys Dewhurst

Fresh Milk is happy to announce that recent graduate in the Barbados Community College (BCC) BFA programme Charles Phillips is interning with our resident artists, writer Saada Branker and filmmaker Powys Dewhurst, as their assistant director and 2nd camera for their documentary project recording Barbadians’ experiences of Hurricane Janet, which struck the island 60 years ago. Charles will be assisting Saada and Powys between June 1 – 26, 2015. Read more about him below:

Charles Phillips. Photo by the artist, courtesy of Monochrome Media

Charles Phillips. Photo by the artist, courtesy of Monochrome Media

About Charles Phillips:

Charles Phillips is a Barbadian digital artist. He acquired his Associate Degree in Visual Arts in 2012 and has recently completed his BFA in the same field at the Barbados Community College.

Charles has been part of various exhibitions at the Barbados Community College between 2010-2014 and has showcased his digital images at Barbados’ Animekon Expo between 2011-2013.

He employs the techniques of digital painting, photography and video. Most of his work investigates and includes elements from martial arts, psychology and mythology or fiction. Charles’s photography uses photo surrealism to create interesting pieces. His most current work explores fictional archetypes and the visual and thematic links between classical and modern fiction, looking at how these narratives repeat themselves.

Charles lives and works in Barbados where he co-founded Monochrome Media, a local company providing creative photography, videography, graphic design and other related services.

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