Get your copy of the Cultural Industries Bill now….

Those persons involved in cultural industries will soon have another forum to express their views on Government’s draft Cultural Industries Development Bill.

The Division of Culture and Sports has plans to host a consultation on the draft document, and members of the public are being encouraged to collect copies of the Bill for their perusal. The document is available at the Division of Culture and Sports in the Warrens Office Complex, St. Michael; the National Cultural Foundation, West Terrace, St. James; all branches of the National Library Service, and all post offices. The Bill may also be viewed online at

A venue and time for the upcoming discussion will be announced shortly.

The Cultural Industries Development Bill is aimed at providing incentives for stakeholders to facilitate and encourage sustainable growth in the cultural sector in Barbados.

Cultural industries include those activities which provide the public with commercially viable, cultural goods and services, which are developed for re-production and distribution to mass audiences. These include products and services like films, videos, television programmes, musical instruments, sound recordings, commercial theatre, dance, books, magazines, newspapers, journals, popular music performances, software, CD-ROMS and other related products.

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