Local Residency Announcement: Sky LARC and Adrian Green

FRESH MILK Local Resdiency Announcement

FRESH MILK is pleased to announce the start of our final local residency for 2013 from our open call early this year. Taking the platform are filmmaker Sky LARC and spoken word artist Adrian Green.

LARC and Green will be collaborating  on a project which explores Caribbean Aesthetics in art processes and utilizes the disciplines of Creative Writing, Cinematography, Photography, Performance Art, Spoken Word and Music.

The work concretizes the creative relationship between the two artists essentially cut from the same cloth, Kente Cloth. They come together as the Collective PTAH, an entity that uses their chosen disciplines, Performance Art and Visual Art to heighten awareness, stimulate consciousness and affect change.

The proposed piece is essentially a short film, somewhat experimental, evolving from the work and performance of Poet Adrian Green and his original piece “Hartd Work”. The creation of this short film is also inspired by the exploration of the Fresh Milk space and other working artist spaces.

Thank you to the Arts and Sport Promotion Fund for supporting this residency.

About Sky LARC:


Born in Toronto Canada to Barbadian parents, LARC as he’s affectionately known to most is a filmmaker, arts educator and community activist. After the year of the gun in Toronto (2005) LARC decided that it was critical to play a small role in creating safe spaces where young people could acquire skills while discovering positive outlets of expression. He started by designing and facilitating filmmaking workshops in low-income, inner-city communities where he began to link many of the current issues faced by youth to a lack of leadership/mentorship in the community. He also noticed a real lack of ancestral/family values and connections with the many gang related black youth he worked with daily. His community work intensified, spreading out to various public housing communities across Toronto from Community Centers to Elementary, Middle School to High Schools.

LARC is developing a feature documentary entitled Hidden Bruises: HIV & Violence in the Caribbean, a documentary and awareness campaign contributing to the national and regional effort to reduce the prevalence of both HIV & violence against women in the Caribbean.

He continues his arts education and filmmaking work in the Caribbean at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados; coupled with his independent company Skylarc Pictures through the First Light Project Arts Education program.

About Adrian Green:

Adrian Green at Carifesta X

Adrian Green at Carifesta X

Adrian Green is a Gold Award winner in Barbados’ National Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), a three time Barbadian Slam Poetry Champion, and two time winner of the Emancipation Roots Experience Show. Green represented Barbados at CARIFESTA X in Guyana and has performed to audiences in several countries, including the USA, Ghana, Grenada, St. Vincent, Dominica, Nevis, St. Thomas and Tortola. He has released two albums of poetry, “Random Acts of Conscience,” and “Hard Ears.”

As the co-founder of Iron Sharpen Iron, Green has been instrumental in producing the longest running and most successful open-mic show in Barbados.  These open-mic shows were designed to help emerging performing artists develop and have been instrumental in the uncovering and propelling of a number of young artists to the national stage.

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