Adrian Green and Sky LARC’s Residency: Week 2

Spoken word artist and Adrian Green and filmmaker LARC are collaborating at Fresh Milk for the month of September and working on the production of a video short. See LARC’s photographs of the performing artists they are working with, and read Adrian’s blog entry about the challenges of filmmaking, and innovation necessary to adapt to the process.

Review Performance

Reviewing the performance

I instinctively understood it before.  But I can appreciate more now.  Film making in Barbados is H(art)D.  I’ll come back to that.

This process of film making is entirely new and fascinating to me.  This is my first time working in the medium and thus far it is very different.

This is my perception of the process thus far.  We are in the pre-production stage and at this point there is not a lot of “art” going on.  The “art” goes into the conceptualisation and production of a script and/or treatment, and the production of visuals in filming and editing.  Aside from that it is planning and administrative work to be done, to ensure that the small window we have for shooting does not close on us prematurely.

The planning involves scheduling, corresponding with actors, securing props, equipment and finalising locations.  In other words, looking around making calls and waiting.  This is hard work for me who is not the most organised and usually depends on no one and nothing but himself  to get his art done. This is definitely not a 9 to 5 type gig.  Long periods of seeming inactivity are set to be followed by marathon sessions of filming and editing.

Now on the difficulty of island film making…

Time and budgetary constraints make it so the local film maker must be extra creative.  I think I’ll call it “Jazz style film making” or “Mcgyver film making.”  This is because the of the level of improvisation, ingenuity and innovation required.  You may start with a vision but can expect that the flexibility of your creative muscle will be tested when lack of resources, responses, time and so on, require you to find new ways, approaches and ideas.

But then again, I guess this is not unique to film making.  That is just art.  Somehow though, it seems amplified when applied to screen.  Movie Magic?

– Adrian Green

Megghan and friends

Megghan and friends

One thought on “Adrian Green and Sky LARC’s Residency: Week 2

  1. Katherine says:

    Reblogged this on Creative n Concious and commented:
    One of my mentors, and friend in Art… Adrian Green, working with a film-maker I also know less well, and respect; SkyLarc, in a residency programme at Fresh Milk. More and More I think my vacation next year will need to be scheduled around a residency programme. I love the pushed boundaries and new influences I see in the work of my fellow artists who have gone through the process. Read Adrian’s impressions…

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