Caribbean Art Map

An official map and guide to Art Spaces in the Caribbean region

This freely accessible, interactive & ever expanding online map of the Caribbean clearly delineates the existing spaces for the arts in the region. This work in progress addresses the lack of available information about Caribbean arts at the formal, informal and educational levels.

The region is mapped to show arts entities, listed with links to their websites and maintained regularly to keep information current. This map will not only be a pivotal information hub and educational tool, but a place to form new bonds and to make connections among practitioners in the Caribbean and worldwide.

If you have a suggestion for a space to be included in this mapping project, we invite you to share the information with us by emailing with the following information:

– The nature of the space (Galleries, Cultural Institutions, Education, Festivals, Informal Spaces, Museums, Virtual Spaces or Publications)
– The full address with the coordinates of the space if possible;
– A mission statement or profile of the organization;
Website/Facebook link to direct viewers to if applicable;
1-6 images representative of the space or its activities.

We would like to acknowledge Anne Walmsley and Stanley Greaves’ publication Art in the Caribbean: an Introduction as a critical source of information which contributed to this Map.

Special thanks to the Maria Holder Memorial Trust for supporting this venture

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