A peek inside the artists’ concepts of their showings at the Fresh Milk Launch

In the run up to the launch of FRESH MILK, a new artist led initiative unique to Barbados. I recently had the pleasure of catching up with four of the artists being presented.

Joanna Crichlow, Mark King, Alicia Alleyne and Sheena Rose are the epitome of the current Caribbean creative zeitgeist. Young, intelligent and enthusiastic, their works push forward contemporary art in the region, and are fast becoming role models of success for other young creatives.

There is Joanna, a BFA graduate who describes her piece for this launch, Blackbirds Outside De Box, as a “representation of self in order to explore a new or unfamiliar environment that is to have shared a similar history and idea of identity”.

It is based on her residency experience in Alice Yard, Trinidad, touching on relation and disorient when engaging in new surroundings.

Click Link at end of article to view conversation between Natalie McGuire and three visual artists who will be showing work at the launch of Fresh Milk

Art Historian Natalie McGuire has a conversation with four visual artists who will show work at the launch of Fresh Milk. Pictured here (Left to right) Sheena Rose, Alicia Alleyne, Mark King and Joanna Crichlow. Visit the link at the end of the article to view to the conversation.

Mark King’s photographic series for the launch is a study of the “synthetic versus the natural”, as he described to me in our conversation. Using brightly coloured plastic bags juxtaposed against the backdrop of Barbados scenery, his re-engagement with this country after having lived away for some time seems apparent.

Alicia Alleyne’s soft nature is a pleasant complement to her bold abstract pieces, which play with texture, light and shape. She expressed a lot of enthusiasm at being able to exhibit after graduating with her BFA. Her works appear to stretch the capacity of ‘Caribbean Art’ and molds into the internationally recognizable abstract style.

Then, the final artist I spoke with was Sheena Rose, a bubbly BFA graduate and founder of Projects and Space, who along with ARC founders, are the co-curators of this launch exhibition.

She explored with me the essence of her artistic contribution Fashion Police. As well as incorporating new creative techniques for the work, Fashion Police touches on themes of personal identity through fashion, and how we can be judged on it through press such as the Heat magazine section.

These four talented individuals are just a taste of what will be on show on the 13th August 2011 at the launch of FRESHMILK along with ARC III.

It is an exciting time for art in the region, and I am very much looking forward to experiencing the creative manifestations of some of the most innovative contemporary artists!

Click here to view the conversation between Art Historian Natalie McGuire and three Visual Artists ahead of the launch of Fresh Milk in Barbados.

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