Call for Artists to Participate in a Local Residency

FRESH MILK is providing a unique opportunity for Barbadian artists to participate in a local residency at the Milking Parlour in March 2012. The format will be a daytime residency, for a week long, two artists residing simultaneously, with an open evening at the completion to present the work created during the artists’ time here. It is open to contemporary creatives across all areas of the arts, and is a great chance to expand your networks and the range of work you produce!

To be eligible, please submit an application (maximum 2 pages) outlining a little bit about yourselves, why you would like to participate in a FRESH MILK residency, and what type of work you would like to produce at the residency. Attach up to five images of recent work. FRESH MILK is particularly keen to support young artists resident in Barbados who are interested in making work in dialogue or in collaboration with another contemporary practitioner. Applications can be sent to, no later that February 3rd 2012.

To learn more about residencies and the benefits they provide, you can refer to this article by Natalie McGuire:

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