Fresh Milk III

Join us on January 15th 2012 at 5pm, at the Milking Parlour Studio, Walkers Dairy, St. George in welcoming visual artists and writers to the FRESH MILK platform.  (For directions visit

The Programme

Part One of the programme: , ‘The MFA Experience: Two Perspectives’

Alberta Whittle and Harriet Rollitt, (two Barbadian Visual Artists who have just graduated with MFA degrees from the UK) kick off the event by sharing their Graduate school experiences and discuss how the Masters programme has impacted on their practice.

Part Two of the programme: ‘MEMOIR MOMENTS: ABROAD – A life stories event’.

In this life stories event emcee’d by Dorothea Smartt – Linda Deane, Adrian Green, Harriet Rollitt, Alberta Whittle and Dorothea Smartt – with only twenty images in ten minutes, will convey their memoir moments related to our chosen theme: “Abroad”. Each interpretation will be unique to each presenter. They may confound or confirm your expectations, with their personal take on the theme.

This ‘pecha kucha’ inspired format, was founded by London’s Woolfson & Tay Bookshop for their pioneering ‘Life Stories Cafe’. Dorothea Smartt, the events’ Emcee and co-curator, together with Fresh Milk, will introduce the format to a new audience here in Barbados. Come watch & listen, discover how each uses the constraints and possibilities of ‘twenty images: ten minutes’.

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