Adrian Green and Sky LARC’s Residency: Week 1

Adrian Green and LARC are collaborating at Fresh Milk for the month of September and working on the production of a video short. See LARC’s shots from ‘working out the working out scene’ and moving through the bush on the location scout. Read Adrian’s blog entry which is in the form of poetry this week.

Dancer: Megghan Michael


working out the working out scene

We are starting to hear our own footsteps
In our heads
The sound of four soles slapping ground echos from the gut
Where anticipation builds
Percussive steps subtly synchronise
Evidence that we are moving
The motion
Is perceived in rememberance
We look forward
Gaze pulled by the strings of reSolving image
Evolving image
Of what one is being built through many
Heads… Hearts… Hands…
Not necessarily in that order

– Adrian Green


our guide through the bush on our location scout


the face of H(art)d Work


looking for the right spot

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