Thais Francis’ Residency – Week 2 Blog Post

Trinidad-born, Brooklyn based multi-disciplinary performance artist and writer, and current artist in the Fresh Milk International Residency Programme, Thais Francis shares her second blog post documenting her activities in Barbados. This week she writes about the joy she experiences when engaging with narratives that address the uncomfortable issues of real life, and her new obsession with Chefette! Read more below:

2015-05-29 13.58.56

I’ve been here for 2 weeks, and already I have a lot of stories. A lot of which are completely unrelated to art, but as an artist, the experience of life inherently affects my perspective, and the things I create.

My script. This story is really heavy (I may have to lighten up a bit). I’ve noticed a trend in the things that I write; they’re all incredibly dramatic. Probably because in real life, I’m the opposite, there is no drama here (mostly). I mean, my biggest issue is the store not carrying my bikini size (like, I can’t possibly flex on the beach in last summer’s swimsuit!) Joking. I’m way deeper than that, but yes, that’s why I enjoy telling stories that deal with real life uncomfortable issues because my personal narrative is so different. I want to use this script to help and inspire people and show they aren’t alone with their secrets. I’m well on my way to finishing, if I focus enough, I’ll be done maybe within the next week-but I don’t want to pressure myself. I’m working on that, because pressure further cements my “quarter life identity crisis”.

It’s interesting, the idea of writing a story, seeing things in your mind and then amassing a group of individuals to support it (which is a whole other process).I’ve been taking tiny steps. This is going to be an awesome movie.


When I returned to Workman’s primary school, the students rushed to me with arms wide open and choruses of “Ms. Thais!” resounded. It was AMAZING. They even remembered the dance that we made up together- they practiced! I love them so much. One day when I’m large and in charge, I’m gonna Oprah a school or two, and provide the kiddies with so much love, resources and creativity.

Dominique (who was interning here at the studio) and I walked to Chefette (Barbados’ version of KFC/Burger King/ Pizza Hut), which is my new favorite thing. I’M NOT EVEN ASHAMED to say I’ve been eating fast food (ok, a little ashamed). Anyway we cut through the field to get back to the studio. I had to limbo under the electrical wires to get through!

2015-05-29 14.20.44

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