Emma Critchley’s Residency – Week 2 Blog Post

British artist Emma Critchley shares her thoughts on the second week of her Fresh Milk residency. From witnessing the first moments of a foal’s life with its mother, to completing her community outreach at Barbados Community College and Workmans Primary School, to continuing her submarine explorations around the island, Emma continues to have unforgettable experiences as she gathers footage and ideas which will inform her practice. Read her impressions below:

The week started with an experience I will never forget …witnessing the first few moments of a foal’s life. She came out faster than anyone expected, so we sadly we missed the birth, but were still able to spend time with them in these first few moments of life as the mother licked her daughter over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

Barbados Community College

The nurturing week continued with talks and workshops at Barbados Community College and Workman’s Primary School…great fun, some great pictures made and interesting conversations had…why are kids so obsessed with selfies?!

A dusk dive back at Carlisle bay, where the wrecks that are becoming familiar take on new form at night. Swimming back in the inky-black ocean, rocking with the sway of the tides

Two beautiful hours in the Animal Flower Cave before it opens to tourists, getting washed around with the tide exploring crevices and reflections

A lovely dive on the Pamir – a 165ft wreck off the North West of the island. Fantastic to have an hour filming and exploring whilst the others caught Lionfish…

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 23.05.10

I finally got out to the Cement Plant Pier, which lived up to it’s expectations. Two serene hours weaving in and out of its stark architectural pillars

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