Emma Critchley’s Residency – Week 3 Blog Post

Fresh Milk resident artist Emma Critchley shares a final blog post about her residency. In her last week of diving and filming along Barbados’ various coasts, she revisited some of her favourite locations to ensure she got the most out of the stunning land and seascapes. Additionally, she finally paid a visit to Harrison’s Cave, gaining inspiration from exposure to yet another of the island’s environments. Read more below:


Very sadly this has been a week of last dives, re-visiting favourite locations to make sure I have captured everything I can to take back with me and make sense of…

Tuesday was a beautiful dusk dive at Carlisle Bay with Shawn. Falling in off the beach into the cool waters is a great way to end the day. We did the usual tour to the six wrecks – me filming, whilst Shawn counted Trumpet fish…

Dry Wednesday involved out-of-water filming. I was lucky enough to have another morning at Animal Flower Cave to capture the cave from above the water’s surface…again 2 hours passed like 2 minutes

Bathsheba rocks were the subject of the afternoon – another beautiful time on the rugged East coast filming rocks sculpted by the ocean

A frustrating second dive on the Pamir due to a cog coming loose inside the housing, which meant I couldn’t film…so it ended up being a pleasure dive. And very pleasurable it was. Bill guided me into the nooks and crannys of the wreck – up the stairs and through the engine room…loved the low ceilinged cargo hold with its wirey seagrass and lurking creatures

So lucky to have fantastic conditions on my last daytime visit to the Bajan Queen – shafts of light pouring in through the wrecks’ apertures, soldier fish guarding the quarters…

We finally made it to Harrison’s Cave for a walk around guided tour through the very hot and muggy cave system!

What better way to end my filming and diving residency than a full moon night dive. The moon lit up the waters as we dropped in down into inky blackness. Despite the occasional getting lost that usually ensues with these kind of dives, they are always the most peaceful…

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