Announcing the Fresh Milk ‘My Time’ Local Resident Artist 2017 – Kraig Yearwood


Fresh Milk is very pleased to announce Barbadian artist Kraig Yearwood as the winner of the Fresh Milk ‘My Time’ Local Residency prize for 2017. Congratulations Kraig!

Kraig’s one-month residency runs from Monday March 6 – Friday March 31, 2017. From his early days as a professional artist, he has had an interest in incorporating found objects into his work, and has recently been using cardboard and corrugated card as the base materials for many constructions. During this residency, Kraig would like to continue using these types of materials, as well as exploring new materials such as concrete, resin and actual rubbish to produce a series of paintings and sculptures which delve into themes of consumption, materialism and mass production, and its impact on humans and the environment.


About Kraig Yearwood:

Kraig Yearwood is a Barbadian artist and designer. Yearwood studied graphic design at Barbados Community College. He has worked as a freelance graphic designer, and has also worked as lead designer for his self owned clothing label where he has showcased at some of the region’s biggest fashion weeks. His mainly uses mixed media in his visual art practice and to date he has exhibited in numerous local and international group shows, as well as having  5 solo exhibitions.

Yearwood says his approach to his work is partially intuitive while often informed by minimalist sensibilities, and lists eclectic influences such as introspection, relationships, nature and local and global current affairs for much of his production. Many compositions certainly feature a sense of structure and order that we often associate with graphic design, yet these elements are often broken and interrupted by marks that suggest another layer of idiosyncratic reasoning.

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