Kraig Yearwood’s Residency – Week 1 Blog Post

Barbadian artist Kraig Yearwood shares his first blog post about the start of his Fresh Milk ‘My Time’ Local Residency this month. He spent the first week researching new materials as well as looking through publications in the Colleen Lewis Reading Room, gathering his thoughts and concepts for the weeks ahead. Read more below:

The Fresh Milk ArtBoard featuring work by Ronald Williams

And so, the journey begins….

As soon as I learned I’d been awarded this residency, I was engulfed by two emotions: excitement and nervousness. I was excited that I’d perhaps have an opportunity to explore new directions and materials; but also nervous because I haven’t been working on these types of projects for many months, and now I actually have to kick into gear and get to work.

This 1st week, I stuck to my plan of doing as much reading and research as possible on the themes and concepts that I was thinking of exploring, as well as on the materials I wish to delve into. I usually prefer solitude when I’m working – however, during this week, I don’t think that I’ve ever felt more alone with my thoughts or more aware of time. Never a bad thing, right?

My new friends! 😬

Some concept sketches from my 1st week at Fresh Milk.

Some of the random objects and trash found and gathered on my daily runs and walks; which I’m hoping to use in my new work.

I’d like to thank the Fresh Milk team for having me and making me feel instantly welcomed, and I’d also like to thank the talented Camille Chedda and Dominique Hunter for encouraging me to apply.

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