Fresh Milk welcomes Daisy Diamond to the Platform

Fresh Milk is pleased to welcome US-based visual artist Daisy Diamond to the platform from April 30 – May 25, 2018.

In addition to broadening her knowledge and understanding about contemporary arts in Barbados and the Caribbean, Daisy is also extremely interested in the history of Jews in Barbados since their arrival in the mid-1600s. As an Ashkenazi Jew herself, she is invested in researching the refugee experience of Jews who migrated to the island and investigating the historical and cultural impact, including their contributions to the cultivation of sugar in Barbados, their roles in the painful history of slavery, and current heritage preservation projects. She hopes to make paintings exploring similar themes from reconstructionist Judaism: community, engaging with contemporary socio-political environments, and forming new progressive outlooks on traditional ideas and texts.

About Daisy Diamond:

Daisy Diamond is a painter, animator, and student originally from Philadelphia who values interdisciplinary and intersectional collaborative exploration. She is currently pursuing a BA in Studio Art from Bates College and spent this past year as a visiting student at Rhode Island School of Design. While she is a resident at the Fresh Milk space, she plans to research the history of Judaism in Barbados and the relationship between ritualistic sacred practices and artistic creation.

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