Announcing Fresh Milk’s November 2020 Artists in Residence!

Fresh Milk is delighted to welcome two creative practitioners to our International Artist Residency Programme from November 2nd – 28th, 2020! While our team made the decision to scale back our programming this year as we work to reconsider the future of the platform, Fresh Milk is honouring its previous commitments to pre-planned residencies.

As such, we are excited to introduce Haitian artist Pascale Faublas – who is joining us as part of an artist exchange programme with Le Centre d’Art, Haiti, to create opportunities for women arts practitioners, supported by UNESCO’s International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFDC) – and UK-based writer and curator of Bajan and Jamaican heritage, Aliyah Hasinah.

About Pascale Faublas:

En français:

Pascale Faublas est née  à Port  au Prince en 1961, elle vit et travaille en Haïti. Après trois décennies d’une carrière artistique prolifique, PASKAL s’affirme comme  artiste plasticienne dans le paysage de l’art contemporain haïtien, développant une technique originale faite de collage de papier préalablement imprimés au moyen de techniques acquises en autodidacte : mixed media, encre et acrylique, batik, grattage, monotype, tout en se basant sur une recherche de matériaux issus de son environnement et sur les principes de l’art de la récupération.

In English:

Pascale Faublas was born in Port au Prince in 1961, and currently lives and works in Haiti. After three decades of a prolific artistic career, PASKAL is an established visual artist in the landscape of contemporary Haitian art, developing  original, self-taught techniques using collages of paper previously printed on, and working in mixed media, ink and acrylic, batik, scratching, and monotype. Their practice utilizes materials from from the environment, and is based and on the principles of the art of recovery.

FB: pascalefaublas
IG: @pascalefaublas


About Le Centre d’Art:

Le Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince is an institution that works towards promoting artistic creations by Haitian practitioners on the basis of preserved heritage values. Since its creation in 1944, this atypical space with multiple missions has been at the heart of societal and artistic evolutions. As the major protagonist in the reconfiguration of the fine arts realm in Haiti, Le  Centre d’Art has been paving the way for several schools and artistic movements.

Despite the destruction of the infrastructure during the earthquake of 2010, Le Centre d’Art managed to save more than 5000 works and 3000 archive files, which are today preserved and valued. Since the reopening in 2014, Le Centre d’Art has once again become an essential part of Haitian culture.

Its mission is to support artists and their creations, and to conserve and disseminate Haitian visual arts. It is a resource space for artists, art students, art lovers, collectors and researchers alike.

About Aliyah Hasinah:

Aliyah Hasinah is a curator and writer of Bajan and Jamaican heritage, raised in Britain. Her practice focuses on decolonial approaches to amplifying nuanced Black storytelling through installation art, film and exhibition.

She has curated for Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Southbank Centre, Eastside Projects, Ort Gallery, Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery and more. In 2019 Arts Council funded her research in ‘Decolonising the Curatorial’ that took place in the UK, Barbados, New York & Bahia, Brazil.

Whilst on residency at Fresh Milk Aliyah aims to learn more about West Indian Art History and Black conceptual immersive art in the modern day.

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