Aruba Linked/Caribbean Linked

October 12 – 15 2012


Ateliers ’89 Foundation and the Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. collaborated to create an international gathering of art experts which took place between October 12th and 15th 2012 in Aruba. Ateliers ’89 hosted the event which included bringing in the following persons to Aruba to participate in a symposium and a panel:

Rocio Aranda Alvarado – Curator, El Museo del Barrio, New York City, USA

Paco Barragan – Independent curator, Madrid, Spain

Holly Bynoe – Co-founder and editor of ARC magazine, St Vincent & the Grenadines

John Cox – Founder and director, Popop Studios, The Bahamas and co-curator, the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

Annalee Davis – Founder and director, the Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc., Barbados


During the course of the four days a symposium took place, a panel discussion, studio and gallery visits, the launch of ARC magazine and a series of meetings with stakeholders in the public and private sector. The symposium and panel discussion were streamed live via Ustream, allowing a regional and international audience to join the proceedings. Supporting the programme was the Youth Bienal organised by Ateliers ’89 as a way to exhibit the works of young Aruban and Dutch artists and expose those works to the visiting creatives. Two young Barbadian artists were also included in the exhibition.

The symposium gave the visiting creatives an opportunity to share their work as curators, publishers and founders of informal networks with the Aruban art community. It also gave the visiting creatives an opportunity to develop an understanding of the local art space. The launch of the ARC magazine created more awareness in Aruba of it’s art publication and web presence demonstrating how it functions as an integrative tool for the visual arts across the region.

Of critical importance was the series of meetings scheduled by Elvis Lopez, the Director of Ateliers ’89, which allowed us to meet Dr. Dumfries, the Director of Culture in the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Jonathan Viera, the Director of Cas di Cultura, Mrs. Lupita Gil, the Director of UNOCA, Vicki Arens, the Director of FDEC, the Weston Hotel Art Gallery and Insight Foundation.

As a result of these meetings we came to learn of the Ministry of Culture’s pending programme to promote the Rietveld Academy in Aruba and the 2013 launch of their preparatory visual arts programme that is open to art students from around the region and who want to enter a BFA course afterwards. The Ministry is keen to inform the region of this programme and ARC magazine will assist in promoting this programme through their website.

Also coming out of these events was the proposed idea of holding a Barbados Linked / Caribbean Linked programme at FRESH MILK in February 2013. The purpose of this gathering would be to extend the Fresh Milk/Ateliers ’89 conversation which took place at the Ateliers ’89 Foundation in Aruba, and to deepen the links further across the region while circulating ideas about sustainability within the creative economy of the Caribbean.

Stay tuned for more information on this venture!

Visit to watch videos of the panel discussions.

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