Fresh Milk and Fresh Art International present Fresh Talk: Caribbean!

Fresh Milk and Fresh Art International are excited to share Fresh Talk: Caribbean, a series of podcasts about creativity in the 21st century with Caribbean artists & those engaging with Caribbean art around the world. This series of conversations is a curated selection from Fresh Art International’s signature project Fresh Talk, which features the platform’s Director/Producer  Cathy Byrd in conversation with more than 100 culture makers worldwide. We were pleased to have connected with Cathy at Tilting Axis 2 at the Pérez Art Museum Miami this year, and are happy to be able to highlight their Caribbean-focused content!

We will be releasing one conversation a week as a feature on our website, and the entire suite will be housed on our Projects Page. Stay tuned for more!

Fresh Talk Caribbean Flyer

About Fresh Art International & Fresh Talk:

Mission: To inform and inspire a world of followers, Fresh Art International’s team shares conversations, commentary, news, and views about contemporary art.

Launched in October 2011, Fresh Art International is an evolving independent media outlet with a global point of view. Our website is the virtual platform for Fresh Talk: Conversations About Creativity in the 21st Century, our signature audio podcast. The site welcomes up to 3,000 monthly visitors. Averaging more than 9,000 feed hits monthly, we welcome new friends and followers every day: Facebook (3,000+ Likes and Friends) and Twitter (5,000+ Followers).

For Fresh Talk, independent curator Cathy Byrd meets with contemporary artists, curators, designers, architects, composers, writers, filmmakers and other cultural producers. Listen to conversations directly on this website, download episodes, or subscribe to the series on iTunes and Stitcher. Fresh Talk is also accessible through Public Radio Exchange at

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