Art + Science – A presentation by Pamela Lee

International curator and gallery manager Pamela Lee joined us at Fresh Milk in May 2017 as part of our public event FRESH MILK XX, where she delivered a presentation about the connections and potential for collaborations between the areas of art and science.

Pam has generously shared a copy of her presentation with us, so we can make this fantastic resource publicly available.

Click the image below to access the full PDF!


About Pamela:

Pamela Lee is a skilled arts industry and communications manager with over 5 years of experience working in high profile arts organisations, the not-for-profit sector and corporate companies in Europe and Australia. She has a Master’s of Curating Contemporary Design from Kingston University London in partnership with the Design Museum, London, where she also worked as a curatorial and digital media development assistant. Most recently, Pamela has worked as the gallery manager for the Dominik Mersch Gallery, one of Sydney’s leading international, commercial galleries.

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