Helen Cammock’s Residency – Week 4 Blog Post

Fresh Milk resident artist Helen Cammock shares her final blog post, bidding farewell to Barbados – for now. In addition to fitting in some more shooting at Bulkeley Sugar Factory and a final swim in the ocean, Helen emphasizes the value of her first international residency and having the time to be both “actively productive and reflective.” Read more below:


Having recovered from what I suspect was Zika, it was a week of getting ready to leave Barbados…it included a return to the closed Bulkeley Sugar Factory… it’s hot and it’s windy, with potential new images everywhere I look but time, memory card and camera battery are working against me… I come away with good footage, but will come back again for more one day soon…

Back at the studio and taking time to go through all the footage shot while I’ve been here…beginning to develop visual patterns for a new piece.

Photo by Helen Cammock

A last swim in the the sea in the rain…
                                  clear waters, white sand… staccato on skin…

a month to feel, to think…
                                   then saying goodbye to Fresh Milk.

I have had space for the first time in a while to just think, read, write and experiment with ideas. I have never done an International residency before and the platform here at Fresh Milk has really worked for me. From them there was no expectation to complete a new work over the period of the month and this was refreshingly helpful for me in terms of research and space for thought. Annalee made introductions, suggestions and was supportive throughout, and this meant the time could be both actively productive and reflective – whatever you might want or need it to be.

Thank you Fresh Milk and thank you Barbados.

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