We are pleased to share images from FRESH MILK XIII which took place on Thursday, October 24th 2013 at the Milking Parlour Studio.

To listen to an interview conducted by Stacia Brathwaite with Fresh Milk Founder/Director Annalee Davis promoting the event and speaking about Fresh Milk’s mission, which aired Wednesday October 23rd on Starcom Network’s 6:00pm Williams News Makers segment, click here: Fresh Milk Feature.

The event comprised of a screening of our resident artist damali abrams’ documentary Fresh Performance: Contemporary Performance Art in NYC & The Caribbean; the launching of our new public gallery space FRESH MILK ARTBOARD & our Virtual Map of Caribbean Art Spaces; screening a selection from Project 35: Volume 2, a traveling exhibition produced by Independent Curators International, New York; and showcasing the new additions to the Colleen Lewis Reading Room.

Special thanks to the US Embassy in Barbados for supporting damali’s residency and contributing to the expansion of the Reading Room; to the Maria Holder Memorial Trust for supporting the Virtual Map as well as expanding the library collection; Groundation Grenada for taking part in this collaborative residency with us; the ICI for sharing Project 35; and to Musson Realty for donating their billboard for Fresh Milk to use as an exhibition space. We are extremely grateful for all of the relationships we have formed, which assist us in carrying out our mission.

All photographs by Mark King unless otherwise stated.

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