Fresh Milk welcomes Kate Keohane to the platform

Fresh Milk is pleased to welcome art historian & PhD candidate at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, Kate Keohane to the platform from August 28 – September 23, 2017.

Kate, whose research focuses on complicating the effect of globalisation in contemporary creative fields – particularly the way ‘paradises’ are framed in the cultural imaginary with reference to the use of the Caribbean landscape in global contemporary art – sees this residency as an opportunity to spend time in the region, getting a sense of one of the islands she is investigating and learning about the wider Caribbean. She will also be utilizing the collection in the Colleen Lewis Reading Room for research towards her thesis.

About Kate Keohane:

Kate Keohane is a PhD candidate in History of Art at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. As part of an international EU-LAC project which studies community museums, her work considers the staging and circulation of the Caribbean landscape in contemporary art. Through the sustained analysis of artists working from outside and within the region, and the ideas of writers and theorists of the Caribbean, including Édouard Glissant, Derek Walcott, Paul Gilroy and Stuart Hall, her thesis hopes to trouble the narrative surrounding conceptions of the ‘contemporary’ and the effects of globalisation on creative fields. 

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